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13 weeks and already super uncomfortable?

Hi there! I'm 13 weeks with twins and have been sooooo uncomfortable this week. Very short of breath, restless at night, and still super nauseous. My belly is just starting to pop out and I think this may be why I'm so short of breath...maybe my belly just isn't growing quite fast enough and babies and organs are just so cramped inside? Anyone else?

Having my third u/s tomorrow with mfm to hopefully confirm di/di. Will be such a relief to see babies tomorrow to ensure everything is on track!

Hoping for a little reprieve of symptoms in 2nd tri before getting too big!

Re: 13 weeks and already super uncomfortable?

  • Hate to tell u this but my "Reprieve" only lasted about 2 weeks and then i was very uncomfortable for the rest of the pregnancy. Here's to hoping u dont have the same issue! Good luck!
  • Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of!
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  • Yeah, my experience has been pretty similar to WilP. But I have some days when I'm miserable and others where I feel great! So, it's not all discomfort.
  • Ugh!  The shortness of breath thing happened super early for me too!  I was barely showing and I couldn't climb the stairs in the house without getting breathless!  I think it got better eventually, either that or I got used to it.  I also puked from about 10 weeks to 23 or 24 weeks.  After that, my son's diapers would send me running, they were so foul to me.

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  • I read somewhere the shortness of breath also has to do with the increased blood volume in our bodies.  I can constantly feel my uterus, which is a little annoying, but also a little comforting.  I am just now having a hard time sleeping and staying asleep! 
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  • Hmmm, I'll check on the iron.  Good thought!  I have had issues with that in the past.  Thanks!
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  • Some days where worse than others but I have to say I was exhausted my entire pregnancy! Less than half way through I brought a chair into the bathroom to sit as I did my hair and got ready for work. Take lots of naps, and do yourself a favor and get all that you want done as early as possible. There will come a day when you hit a wall and not have energy and fore at least it was way sooner than I thought it would be.
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  • dunnkat said:
    Some days where worse than others but I have to say I was exhausted my entire pregnancy! Less than half way through I brought a chair into the bathroom to sit as I did my hair and got ready for work. Take lots of naps, and do yourself a favor and get all that you want done as early as possible. There will come a day when you hit a wall and not have energy and fore at least it was way sooner than I thought it would be.
    This. I'm almost 31 weeks and I have a very short span of ability to do anything. I have a friend coming over today to organize the nursery with me and wash bottles etc.. 

    @amylou333, I dont want my irons tested because they'll probably tell me I need iron supplements, and I dont want them!! :'( 
  • I'm 8 weeks & I'm wiped. MS the second I open my eyes until I go to sleep at night. I'm exhausted & out of breath. I thought it was anxiety at first, but I think it's just a pregnancy symptom. Having twins is EXHAUSTING, and I'm only at the beginning. I felt so great in my 2nd trimester with my daughter, but I'm starting to think that won't happen with twins. :/
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  • I was out of breath at 5 weeks with this pregnancy. I could barely run a block, so I stopped running entirely. I was sitting down to do hair and make up.  I had to take a few naps in my car during lunch hour at work! It has gotten better (especially with getting ready in the a.m.) but I still get winded just talking!! Ridiculous! Going up a few steps or a slight incline winds me. 

    I am taking iron in my prenatals and extra iron (I have anemia) but its fine, no side effects from that at all. 

    Can't wait to have my body back!! Less than 10 weeks! 
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  • @tootscoot ; If you do have to take iron supplements, splurge the little extra and get the time release.  I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia when I was 18 and have been on iron supplements since.  Those didn't give me side effects :) 

    I'm only 15 weeks along and I can so relate with this thread.  I was having trouble wrapping my head around just how big the twins are already until my dh brought two apples in and rested them on my tummy.  Had me laughing.  :)  Crazy how fast these kiddos grow and it doesn't always dawn on me that there is double from previous pregnancies! 


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  • I'm 13 weeks as well and the past week has been a bit ruff. Nights have become hard with sleeping. I can constantly feel my utuers stretching and growing. Trying to find any position to get more than 2hrs of sleep is hard. No MS forme thank god, but the exhaustion is still here And not going away. I'm sure that's to do to with lack of sleep. But I nap when I can and my dr just mentioned adding an extra iron pill to my dosage. Next week starts my weekly visits to the MFM/OB so trying to figure out how I'm going to manage to fit 3 hrs a week into dr appt a! Yikes
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  • I got a snoogle pillow and this helped a lot
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  • I'm 9 weeks and exhausted and already look like I'm like 20 weeks along with a singleton! I'm exhausted, out of breath, I must nap every day or I'll pass out. I take vitamins every day. This is going to be a long 6-7 months lol.

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  • All along I have felt short of breath after walking up the stairs, etc. Lately it's also if I am sitting in the wrong position!! I haven't noticed a difference with adding iron unfortunately.
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  • I just have to say that I love this whole discussion! I was super sick early on and was miserable. Then I went from no more morning sickness to being uncomfortable! Last week was a horrible week with rib pains and trying to do my job (a very active and busy 4K teacher) and I just wanted to be done with work. Thankful this week has been better. But yes.... I am easily out of breath, uncomfortable, pee a lot, and don't sleep much at all. But just remember the amazing miracles and blessings we are growing and how it will be sooooo worth it in the end! Hang in there!!!!
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