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End of BF… return to normal when???

I stopped BF about a month ago, after EBF for 2.5 years. My boobs took a couple of weeks to look and feel normal again. I'm wondering if I've O'd this month (temps all over, and I didn't start temping until mid-way through the cycle). Last month was a 24 day cycle, and now I'm on CD30 with no PG symptoms. 

So…. question I have for you all is - how long did your body take to have normal, ovulatory cycles after you stopped BFing? I've attached my newbie chart, if that is helpful.

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Re: End of BF… return to normal when???

  • I BF for over 2+ years, but I may be no help. My cycles became very regular a month after I night weaned DS (when he was between 13 and 14 months old). 

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    Me: 37--Thyroid Cancer survivor. H:38. DS born 6/22/2011; BFP#2--11/5/12--Missed miscarriage discovered 12/21/2012.  BFP#3--5/20/14--another MMC 6/16/14.
  • From what I've read and heard, some women go back to normal right away, some it takes months. Everyone is different, unfortunately knowing what happened to other women won't help you to know what your timeline will be. You might find more women with advice on the Breastfeeding board, couldn't hurt to get your question out to a wider audience. Good luck!



    Married August 2012. Me: 41  DH: 42 
    Daughter from previous marriage: 20

    BFP 12/19/12: Ectopic discovered at 8 weeks, right tube removed 01/18/13
    June 2013 Testing Results: Progesterone: 31.7, LH: 5, FSH: 5, Estradiol: 161
    Clomid cycles Nov. 2013 and Jan, Feb, and March 2014

    TTC journey over as of the end of October 2014


    All ALers welcome!

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