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Xp Larger age gap between kids?

We are on the fence about having another baby, and for a variety of reasons if we do it won't be until our first (twins) are 5ish. (They are still younger but figured this board might have people with older and younger kids).

Just looking for experiences from people who have similar age gaps, I have lots of friends who have them 2 years apart and a handful 3 but don't know people with 5+ years.
was it hard to go back to the baby/toddler stage? What do you wish you had known before you did it?

Re: Xp Larger age gap between kids?

  • My children are 4 years apart.  Going back to the baby stage wasn't hard.  It was nice that DS1 is older and understands more of what is going on like that the baby needs more of my time to nurse or diaper change or be held.  He stays up later then the baby most nights and DH and I use that time to play big boy games with him like cards or legos.  He likes to help and get things that the baby drops or I forget.  He also likes to "race" the baby so he will get himself dressed while I dress the baby. 


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  • DS1 and 2 will be exactly 5 years apart. I was hoping for closer to 4 years apart but that didn't happen. DS1 is already so excited and totally into my pregnancy and how big his brother is right now. I like that DS1 is totally potty trained, can help himself and entertain himself when I am busy with the baby. Plus DS2 will get a lot of just my attention since DS will be in kindergarten next fall.
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  • My DDs are only 3 years apart, but I'm pregnant with #3, and I LOVE that DD1 is more independent.  She loves to help, and she can do so many things for herself that I think it would be world's easier with a new baby in the house.
  • I have a DD who will be 5 in January. I'm two weeks away from our second baby. People tell me the gap is great because DD is older, in preK, She will help. We will see!

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  • I have a 5 month old and a 5 year old. DD1 was a month shy of 5 when DD2 was born. I think the age gap has been good, as DD1 can do a lot of things for herself, which allows me time to nurse DD2 and give the extra care that comes with an infant. DD1 also likes to help with the baby, by bringing me diapers, changes of clothes, etc. She's also really good about "entertaining" her for a few minutes while I get dinner in the oven or whatever. The only thing that has been very challenging was having DD1 start kindergarten within the same couple of weeks that I returned from maternity leave. It was a lot of transition and routine change for all of us.
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  • Great post! I have been having baby fever and might start trying again in the next few months! But I always wonder what it would be like having such a big age difference! DD1 would be almost 6 by the time I had my second! <3
  • @mommatotwo2 thanks for your insight. DS1 will turn 5 the month DS2 is born. I'm already freaking out the kindergarten schedule and before and after care.
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  • @DTNZ4Ever, don't stress about it too much, it will work out! I won't lie and say it's not hectic at times, but you get into a routine and everyone will do just fine. One big thing I changed was doing as much as I can the night before so that when we get up in the morning, it's easier to get out the door on time.
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