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    Dear DS's elementary school: BOO to you for not allowing Halloween parties or costumes. Too bad you're going to miss out on this homemade awesomeness:


  • MirandaHobbesMirandaHobbes member
    edited October 2013
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  • DS,

    I hope you wear your lego block costume tonight!

    I just wanted you to walk into daycare wearing it for one minute and then you could take it off.

    Love mama, who wants for you to have a good Halloween
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  • Dear DH,

    Thanks for coming clean to me this afternoon when I was losing my mind over why DD woke up A-OK this am but was in a trance like state an hour later. I hope next time you decide to slip her a Mickey via her juice cup you"ll let me in on it so I can take said juice cup AWAY from her when she wakes up. I appreciate that you were doing it for my benefit since I had only gotten two hours of sleep and you woke her up when you were leaving for work at 5am but this really is something I need to know. I still love you though, and I'm glad that even though TOT got moved you still took half the day off to spend with us. Happy Birthday :)

  • Dear DD, I am so proud of how you handled yourself trick or treating last night. You told people about your allergy and politely declined candy if they didn't have anything nut-free. Then you let me go through it all when you got home before you ate any. Great job! Love, Mommy
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