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HCG level 15 at 16dpo

It's not looking good for me :( I'm so sad. I don't think there is any way to come up from this, especially considering this test was taken two or three days after my BFP at home. Does anyone have any positive stories for HCG this low? I'm trying not to give up hope but it seems so dismal. :( this will be my second miscarriage in a row :(

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  • Guess not...
  • Are they going to do another beta? It's really hard to tell from one level how things are progressing - if they do another draw, you want to see them doubling every 48 hrs in the beginning. I'm sorry you find yourself in this position :( I hope it's not another loss for you!

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  • They are doing one tomorrow. I just thought hpt detected more than 15. Like 25 was the lowest? I used a FRER three days before and got a positive. Seems if it was positive to a hpt three days earlier then it should have doubled to more than 15. Seems like it's more likely the levels are going down. The test I took the morning of the blood test seemed a little lighter than the one two days earlier.
  • I just don't know why this would keep happening. My temps are still elevated so I would guess that means my progesterone is ok? And I have a luteal phase of about 13-15 days so that seems normal. Not sure what the deal is...
  • I don't know if this will help but I was getting a clear positive on FRER with a beta of 12. Mine didn't double though.
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  • You can't count yourself out yet.  You are still really early and the rise of the levels is what is important.  Some pregnancy tests will detect HCG levels below 25.  I was still getting positives when my HCG level was 8.  Good luck with your test tomorrow!  I hope you see a good rise.
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  • FX for a good rise in levels. 
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  • I got a clear BFP on an FRER with a beta of about 7. It was faint, but it was very obviously there... GL! 

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  • Took a test just now and there is barely a ghost of a line. It's gone.
  • IMO your HCG has to start somewhere.

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  • The test should be getting darker not lighter. I'm 99% sure I'm having another miscarriage :(
  •  I'm sorry you're going through this. At least with another draw, you will get a clearer picture of which way this is going and can go from there. Good luck!
  • No advice just ((hugs))

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