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Sick DD (not IF related)

DD, age 4, started having a wet cough on Sunday. Tuesday, she had a fever that I treated with Tylenol. Today she still has the fever, cough, and runny nose but she's acting fine! She wanted to go ride her bike earlier! (And it's still hot here) I took her temp again 30 minutes ago and it was 102.7. I gave her more Tylenol. (2nd dose today). Then I was reading on google (bad, I know) that if your child has a fever but acts fine, that you should refrain from giving them the fever reducer. 102.7 just seems too high not to treat to me. Just wanted to get some thoughts and input from you ladies. Am I slowing down her healing by medicating the fever?
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Re: Sick DD (not IF related)

  • Wow that is a good question, but I think I would still treat the fever.  It is weird that she is feeling fine.  Have you called the doc? 


  • I haven't called, they're not helpful giving info over the phone. They always just say bring her in. If she still has a fever tomorrow, I might make an appointment. I'm totally frustrated bc we just spent $250 on the strep this. Stupid germs!
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  • I haven't called, they're not helpful giving info over the phone. They always just say bring her in. If she still has a fever tomorrow, I might make an appointment. I'm totally frustrated bc we just spent $250 on the strep this. Stupid germs!

    Im sorry she is sick! I hope she feels better soon!

    BTW, that is the most adorable picture EVER!! What a cute idea!! :)

  • I'd give her the Tylenol. She's still little. I could see if it was an older child, acting fine- but like you said, that is a high fever for a little girl. I'd probably alternate Motrin/Tylenol if the Tylenol alone isn't doing the trick. 

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  • I'd still give Tylenol even if she's acting fine. I'm not a fan of giving a fever reducer for low fevers because I do think it keeps the body from doing it's job, but 102.7 is high. At least your doctor says to bring her in, mine never says to bring my daughter in! She's even had a couple 105 fevers (once we were already in the ER when it got that high), and the 2nd time they told me to wait it out at home.

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  • I hope she is feeling better soon. I think you did the right thing. 102.7 is pretty high, and you don't want to get to the point where she can't keep the meds down. DS also acts normal until his fever gets over 101. It is amazing how tough they can be. There are some nasty bugs going around now! His last cold/fever lasted about 4 days. I hope you stay healthy too!

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  • DD had a febrile seizure at 15 months old.  I always medicate anything over 101.  She typically doesn't act like she feels bad until it's 103 or so, but I'm terrified of another seizure.  
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  • I've heard multiple times from doctors (often relayed down from others) and have a reference booklet from our pediatrician that states fevers are not dangerous until they're much higher than that.  Fever suppressants do hinder the effectiveness of the immune response at kicking the illness too.  But with that said, I would still give meds around that temp.  I would start to get paranoid that if it was that high and she was acting fine that it could get even higher without me realizing it, and then we would be in dangerous territory.  DS had a 102something last week from an ear infection and I didn't give meds but I also knew that the cause was an ear infection and didn't fear it going much higher.  Without knowing what she's battling, I would give meds.
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    Thanks for all the advice. She had a rough night that included vomiting and another temp of 101. That time I chose not to medicate. She seemed to feel better after throwing up, and woke up with a temp of 99.1.
    ETA: Thank you, @+SouthernMomma+ ! It was her 4 year birthday photoshoot and her favorite things are princesses and tea parties. :)
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