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starting solids with proteins

This is what my pedi recommended, but does chicken really puree well?  I'm planning on starting next Saturday (5 mo birthday and daddy can be home for it!) and I'm waffling between starting on a meat or bean, or just doing brown rice.  Anyone started with meats?  Any recommendations? 

Re: starting solids with proteins

  • They are suggesting we start with proteins now (meats and beans) as per my public health region.   As always, each pedi, each public health, other med. professional has a different opinion and as always, each child reacts differently. Follow the mama's instinct is always my thought now. 

    My friend started with beef and her DD LOVES it. Another friend said that chicken will puree well in the food processor and be sure to add breastmilk (or formula, whatever you are using)

  • They recommend starting with meat because at 6 months is when the iron stores drop with EBF babies.  If you are picking chicken, it's best to go with the dark meat.  More iron and just tastier anyways.  I have not pureed meat.  By the time we started doing meat, i just gave my oldest small bits to gum.  I think this time, i would try the BLW route. 

    My mother said the same comment to me about peas being hard on the stomach when I said I was going to start with peas instead of cereal.  There is no basis for this.  Peas, meat...still more nutritional value than cereal.
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  • I was looking into BLW, but she's SO interested in what we're eating, and she *chews* when she watches us eat, but she can't sit up on her own yet, so from what I've read BLW is out until then. (whoa, run on sentence!)  As soon as she can she'll get solids, so I guess I'll be combining the two.  I'm just so excited.  DD won't take a bottle regularly, and I don't like pumping, so DH rarely gets to feed her.  He gets first go with feeding with a spoon! 

  • My pedi suggested meats at 6 months. I thought you were supposed to give them meats closer to being a year old.
  • Meat at 5 months seems a little strange to me, personally. We didn't even start solids until after 6 months. 6 months is the recommendation for starting solids as per the AAP.


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  • A dietician friend told me this: light starch > veggies > fruit > meat > dairy

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