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Clicky Poll - Holiday Shopping?

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Christmas? Hanukkah? Saturnalia? Kwanzaa?


Clicky Poll - Holiday Shopping? 148 votes

I don't observe any winter holiday, so I won't be doing any shopping.
0% 1 vote
I did all of my shopping early this year and I'm DONE! Be jealous.
0% 1 vote
I am mostly done. Just a few more things.
6% 9 votes
I recently started.
26% 39 votes
I have nothing purchased yet.
63% 94 votes
Grace, why are you wearing mistletoe on your belt buckle? Perv.
2% 4 votes


Re: Clicky Poll - Holiday Shopping?

  • I celebrate Chanukah but we don't go crazy buying gifts. We/LO will get stuff from our parents but that's about it. I'm so happy I don't need to worry about buying a million presents.

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  • I've gotten one gift so far for my mom. I plan on getting the majority of my shopping done on Black Friday.
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  • Lol @GraceInCA you crack me up with your polls!!!

    I choose the perv one...and always do. I did buy this little elephant chair for Owen at costco though. That's it for now.

  • Usually I start in October but I haven't done anything.  I hate Christmas shopping.
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  • us Canadians do it right, thanksgiving way before Christmas! Although, it is a general rule that stores don't play Christmas music until after remembrance day. Mine and DH's family do secret santa so it makes everything really easy.







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  • I have a few gifts so far. One gift for my LO, a few gifts for my nephew, and a gift each for a couple of my nieces.
  • I bought LO a sweatshirt yesterday and that's it. So I technically just started lol
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  • The Christmas season should never start until the day after Thanksgiving...ever.

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  • I have 2 Christmas outfits for each child, does that count?
  • I just bought a Christmas outfit for LO too. 40% off sale at Gap online today. But that's all I have done.
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  • I've started but nowhere near done. I like picking things up as I find them during the year if I see something someone would really like. Especially if I see a good deal. I've been holding onto a red scarf for my MIL since March. This helps us avoid spending all our gift money in one month and saves some last minute stress.


  • I started my list.... and we just finalized plans for the biggest family event we have, so now we can finish our list and get started.
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  • I usually wait until the last possible minute to do my shopping, and the last two years with M here it was entirely too stressful to do it that way.  I'm starting way earlier this year.  Mostly bc I have about a thousand kids to buy for (big families).  I figured if I do it a little each time I'm out already I won't be slammed on Christmas Eve.  That's the grand plan anyway.


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