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waiting for aunt flo... (rant and tmi, sorry ladies)

I'm just kinda annoyed that she hasn't returned yet.  She's been threatening for over a week, menstrual cramps and all, but isn't here yet!  I used to be SO regular, (by 2pm every fourth Tuesday, sort of regular.) so the whole *when is it coming* game is getting old, and fast.  Just venting, I'm done now.  I'm wondering if I'll be as regular now?  I really hope so, cuz I was always able to wake up the morning of, put in a tampon before noon and kinda *set it and forget it* until the afternoon.  No muss, no fuss.  And I always had such a happy period, if such a thing exists.  Not too heavy, no terrible cramping...  I HOPE HOPE HOPE it's still like that!  And all this for, I want my period to come.  I never thought I would utter such words, but here I am.  Momma of a 5 month old, desperately wishing for her period to come.  Or hey, maybe I'm prego again.  Ah well...  Sorry for the ranting, ladies.  Have a blessed day!

Re: waiting for aunt flo... (rant and tmi, sorry ladies)

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