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I think Andrew is teething

Here are his symptoms:  He's been very fussy the past few days, he's not been sleeping at all during the day (maybe 1 hour total), he is constantly chewing on his fist, and he's running a low grade fever.  The only thing that concerns me, is that he's spitting up more than usual.  Not throwing up, but just more spit up.  Could he be teething this early?  He was 3 months on Monday.  I have some teething tablets to give him.  Last night his fever got up to 100.2 and I have him a little Tylenol.  I called my pedi this morning and I'm waiting on a call back.

Re: I think Andrew is teething

  • It's possible but it is really rare for babies to get teeth that young. ?I tought DD was teething from about 3 months until she finally cut a tooth at 6.5 months. ?Teething "symptoms" can be symptoms for so many other things too. ?DD had been chewing on her hands and not sleeping starting around then also. ?But things changed alot about a week before her teeth came through -- her drool became thicker, she was rubbing her gums more with her hands (she'd always been chewing on things but it became more forceful), she stopped going down for naps easy and needing to be nursed to sleep, she started biting me more when nursing. ?She never got a fever though.

    If it is teething, we've had good luck with Motrin (which I'm not sure you can use yet) and cold teething rings.?

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  • I prob wrote this post a month ago! AT was doing the same thing! Although the chewing thing is natural for them at this age.....he still chews on anything he can get his hands on. He prob has finally found his hands and is having a bit of fun with them.

    We actually thought we found a tooth on TG but it turned out to be a small cyst on his gums. He also ran a low grade fever, but honestly he acted like the same baby he always had, happy, smiling and cooing at us so what the fever was i have no idea.

    I finally ended up taking him to the pedi and he said as long as he is eating, good diapers and acts like everything is normal then not to worry. He told me to really not worry aobut teething until at least 5 to 6 months.

    He is prob just going through a few changes and you are noticing it more. I know it sucks when we play the guessing game!

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  • It actually sounds like more of a virus to me. A couple of the dr's that I work with have actually told me that fever doesn't mean teething. So, the fussiness, fever sorta sound virus-y to me. The chewing on the hands is pretty normal at this age.
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  • We thought Liam was teething at 3 months as well.  He had started drooling like crazy and chewing on his hands, and got very fussy and was having trouble sleeping.  The pedi said that the drooling and chewing are normal milestones for 3 month olds that have nothing to do with teething.  The rest we never figured out other than just a behavioral change.  He developed his "bloody murder" scream at 3 months old that we thought sure meant something terrible, but it turns out it was just a new, forceful way to express himself :)

    I hope Andrew is feeling better soon!

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