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Naps & sleeping at night

My lo usually gets up 2x a night maybe 3. He has never neen great at taking naps. I've been working on getting him to sleep during the day and he had 3 naps yesterday. When he naps better, he sleeps worse at night. It's just 1:00 am here now and I've already been up with him 5 times. Twice to eat and the other times to settle him. I seriously thought napping shouldn't affect his night schedule but it seems like it does. Does this happen to anyone else?

Re: Naps & sleeping at night

  • When my son was that age I didn't really control his naps too much.. If he fell asleep he fell asleep.. Once he hit 3 months he started sleeping 12 hours straight at night! Everyone's different.. I hope my next one sleeps that good!
  • To be fair, even if they were 3 naps, it doesn't necessaiarly mean they were good naps.  I know that sometimes DD wakes up in the middle of her naps and kind of babbles and talks then falls back asleep and she is NEVER as rested as  when she takes long naps. 

    Your son might be hitting the 4 month wakeful
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  • Daycare has my lo confused on napping. She usually takes 1-3 half hour naps at daycare and then crashes on our way home and sleeps for about 2-3 hours. She then will wake 1-3 times a night (which I have considered a good night) but when the weekend hits its all off. I figured if I got her to take better naps during the day she would sleep better at night but no such luck. Every baby is so different, I have just learned to try to go with the flow :) 

  • my LO sleeps way better at night and goes down better when his naps are good. 

  • How old is your LO? I'm mobile so can't see siggy. Could be hitting 4 month wakeful period (hits anytime between 3-5 months). Naps will start working themselves out by 6 months.

    He is 19 weeks. I believe he is in the wakeful period. He has never been a good napper but was good at night until recently. It's nice to hear that napping gets easier!

  • casey78 said:

    Better naps = better nights here. And, better nights = easier naps, too. LO has been up" more often than usual this week, but she nurses back to sleep in like 5 minutes.


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  • Yeah, we are in the sleep begets sleep camp over here. If he takes longer/better naps, he sleeps better at night, too. Otherwise, he gets overly cranky and is nearly impossible to get down. Naps used to be a nightmare, but they have gotten way better as he got older. Now, at 6 months, he is on a pretty regular nap schedule. The times vary a little each day, but he takes 2-3 solid naps every day. I know it's frustrating, but give it time... and put baby down once he or she seems tired to avoid overtired-ness!


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  • I agree with most of you. My LO sleeps way better at night when he takes good naps throughout the day.

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