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Fun games for co-ed shower

What kind of games would be more fun for the men in the co-ed shower? Some of the male guests are not married yet so it would be great to have some fun games for them.

Re: Fun games for co-ed shower

  • The only co-ed showers that I have been to have been cocktail parties and there have been no games. I'm not a fan of shower games at traditional ladies only showers either, but I think most men would roll their eyes at  shower games.
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  • We had a co ed party and the guys were really into the games!! My husband was so happy to be apart of it!! I love that more people are getting the husbands involved.. After all, it's not just the moms baby! I found good games on Pinterest!!!!!
  • I've found the men can be very competitive.  The present bingo is a good game that most people like because it takes the boredom out of opening gifts.  Give blank bingo cards and guests fill the card with gifts they think will be given.  If it's given the guest crosses it out.  The first person to get a line wins.

    Games that are really silly get people talking.  I've played a game where everyone gets a cup with an ice cube.  The ice cube has a small object (a plastic baby or baby related item) frozen in it.  The first person to have the ice cube melt and get the plastic item wins by saying 'my water broke'.
  • i saw one on youtube, where its called "dress the baby".  You buy Depend underwear and some white plain shirts.  And while the guys are blindfolded, their partners or friends have to dress them up.  First one to dress "the baby" wins!
  • Thank you ladies for all ideas. I think I got some good ones now.
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