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Birth control question please

This has nothing to do with my daughter, just a birth control question. I got the depo shot the day before I came home from hospital when having my daughter, this was 4 months ago. Never went back for follow up because my insurance ran out...anyways, you have to have sex to get pregnant, so just curious if me not having a period is from the shot? Does anybody have any idea?
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Re: Birth control question please

  • I breastfeed and will be 4 month pp on Sunday and still haven't had a period.  I'm not on birth control. 



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  • I have exclusively breastfed since day 1. I didn't have a period for over 6 months. We introduced solids a few days after DS turned 6 months (just once a day), and I got my period 5 days later. It was super light, though.



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  • I'm 5+ months PP and no period yet and I breast feed. I also have paraguard as BC but since it's hormone free it doesn't play into when I'll get my period. In terms of BC at a minimum cost look into an IUD. I know a lot of states and possibly Medicaid cover it because it's a very effective longer teen BC at a relatively low cost for them.
  • The depo shot causes you to not have a period. periods stop usually after the first dose/by the second dose. you might just be lucky to have it stop sooner :)


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