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Anyone NOT have an ultrasound yet?

I have had 2 OB appointments and love the practice I decided to go to. That said, they put every pregnant woman on the same schedule and ultrasounds do not happen until week 12. I am left feeling extremely worried. I have had enough positive tests to know I am pregnant, but I feel like not having an ultrasound yet puts me at a disadvantage.. I want to hear a heart beat! I think some of it might be just because I am so excited... 

Anyone else in the same boat?

Re: Anyone NOT have an ultrasound yet?

  • I'm in the same boat. My OB has been having me come in for appointments every 2 weeks. Once was for a physical exam, another time was to have blood drawn, then to go over the results. This past week I saw him again and it was IMO completely pointless. He came in asked me how I'm feeling, asked if I've had an ultrasound yet (shouldn't he have known the answer to that from looking at my chart?), and then said he wanted to see me again in 2 more weeks. Apparently at that next appointment they'll draw more blood, then schedule me for an ultrasound. That will put me at around 13-14 weeks, depending on when I get in. I'm so anxious to hear a heartbeat for reassurance that everything is going well.
  • That is odd to me. I had an ultrasound in week 7 and week 9 and I have another one in week 12. I have pictures and all. Also got to listen and see the heartbeat. Maybe the OB just felt lazy and did not want to do it. I would have asked for one if they didn't suggest it. Who is going to wait 12 weeks for their 1st ultrasound.
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    I inquired about an early ultrasound for dating, confirmation of implantation, etc, as I'm not scheduled for one until 12 weeks. Apparently many insurance companies are denying payment on early ultrasounds unless they are deemed medically necessary. So while I work in health care and support cutting back on unnecessary procedures (just because it can be done doesn't mean it needs to), I'm disappointed because I wanted that visual reassurance as well. But if your MD doesn't have any concerns, an ultrasound really isn't necessary nor are they being lazy. 
  • I dont get an ultrasound until 20 weeks. There is no need to if you are having a healthy pregnancy!
  • My doctor said that their is no need for me to have an ultrasound unless I was high risk until 18-20 weeks. He said that they are completely unnecessary and I didnt need a dating ultrasound since I was trying to get pregnant. That made me super bummed! They did give me the option to do the testing which I agreed too so I get to have my first ultrasound next week, which will be 12 weeks.  I did go in because I wasnt feeling well and they used a doppler to find the heart beat at 9 weeks, so that was great. I think that's something my doctor does every visit starting at 12 weeks when you can finally hear the heart betat. I told him my frustration with not having a confirmation like a sonogram and he said not to worry I was definitely pregnant. I think when they take your blood and pee everytime they can test your pregnancy hormones and stuff.
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    In New Zealand they do things a bit differently, firstly all our doctors, midwife appointments and scans etc are free (I think) - bonus! I had a dating scan at 6 weeks and that is not the norm here, I was getting cramping. Our normal first scan is at 12 weeks then again at 19-20 weeks. Interesting how different countries do things. Hope all goes well ladies :) 
  •  I'm switching midwives because I moved and my new one doesn't do then until the 20 WEEK anatomy scan.  I did get an early one due to past issues but I'm kind of losing my mind hoping everything's ok.
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