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Did anyone change OB to specialist?

I am reading, 'When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads: Proven Guidelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy," which encourages you to change from your OB to an MFM or MFS.  I see one on the side for special testing, like the NT Test, Anatomy Scan, etc. because my OB doesn't have the Cadillac equipment that they do.  I love my OB, and she has done twins, but I love my babies more.  What did you do?  Are you happy with your choice?

Thank you!
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Re: Did anyone change OB to specialist?

  • I only see an MFM, but if you exclusively see a MFM, you have to make sure she delivers.

    Although it is great to read books and be informed, I would be cautious of how much to take away from books like that.

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  • I stayed with my midwife-based hospital and practice. We had mono-dis and still only saw MFM 3 or 4 times despite having complications and eventually bed rest. I'm very happy to have stayed with my midwives. Our MFM was at an affiliated hospital 1.5hrs away (we're in a rural area) and the closest NICU is there so had I gone into labor before 35 weeks, they said to head straight there. They were totally fine with me delivering at the closer hospital so long as I hit 35wks as the midwives and OBs there are experienced with twin pregnancies and deliveries. All of the appointment notes and u/s results were forwarded to MFM and, if they had anything to add or change for my care, they would call the same day. It worked very well for us and I had my babies at my preferred hospital with my favorite midwives at 37 weeks. :)
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  • I recently switched to an MFM from my OB, and I'm so glad that I did.  However, I don't feel like my OB had much experience with twin pregnancies.  He had initially told me that there wasn't a big difference between a singleton pregnancy and a twin pregnancy, even regarding nutrition and weight gain. He said that ideally I would gain 20 lbs during this pregnancy (given my pre-pregnancy weight) but definitely not more than 30.  That was a red-flag for me.  I had read Dr. Luke's book and even for my pre-pregnancy weight, she recommended that I gain 20-24 lbs by 24weeks.  But even if I hadn't  read that book, his weight recommendations seemed off.  I gained 20 lbs with my DD, and that lost the weight within 2 months after delivery.  Intuitively, that recommendation from my OB seemed wrong. 

    I feel much more comfortable with my MFM, who has A LOT of experience dealing with multiples.  He's given me different nutritional guidelines and recommended additional supplements to take.  I wish I could have started seeing him earlier in my pregnancy, but because we have an HMO, I had to wait for a referral.  If your OB has experience with twins, maybe you can concurrently see an MFM.   It seems like a lot of ladies on here see both an OB and MFM. 
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  • I switched to a MFM who delivers. We weren't that impressed with our initial appointment with the OB and really liked the MFM. Plus, she is at a hospital with a NICU equipped to handle earlier than 35 weeks so if we have any complications, we would be transferred there anyway. We asked her if she thought we should see both her and the OB and she gave us the option, but said she would be happy to handle our care exclusively if we wanted. That just felt right to us so we switched.

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  • I am happy with my midwife-based hospital and practice.  They've done twins lots of time, my midwife has been a CNM for 30 something years and she's awesome.  I'm also at high risk for gestational diabetes before we found out we're having twins, so yea ... should be fun. lol

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    I see both. They work closely together. So I'm seen about every two weeks. I see my MFM once a month and my OB every two weeks. Starting this week I'll be getting NSTs weekly at the MFM until I deliver.

    EDIT: My MFM doesn't deliver.

  • I initially switched OBs at the beginning of my pregnancy to one that was affiliated to a Level 3 NICU hospital. Then she suggested consulting with an MFM also tied to the hospital. They worked really closely together. My MFM did all my u/s and measurements. I ended up on hospital and home bedrest. Both saw me regularly (OB - daily, MFM - weekly). My MFM and OB jointly made the decision to schedule my c section early. My MFM does not do deliveries. I loved the joint care.
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  • I just switched to an MFM and I'm so glad I did. I like their approach. They actually treat me like my case is special (5 losses & twin pregnancy). My OB didn't. He wasn't concerned at all. He basically told me to go home & hope for the best. I didn't like that - I've had 5 miscarriages and I need my dr to give a crap. The unfortunate part is that the MFM is an hour away, but it is 100% worth it to me. They are attentive, caring, and on top of it. 
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  • I saw both. My MFM was just for u/s consult since they didn't do deliveries where I went. The OB handled all the other pregnancy care and delivery. I actually saw my original OB only 4 times in my pregnancy since I had to be hospitalized 2 hours away at the hospital my MFM was associated with.I'm a strong believer now that mo/mo and mo/di pregnancies should be seen regularly by an MFM because of the extra risks.
  • Thank you for this topic.  I have spent the last three days stressing because my husband and I were not at all happy with the group OB practice we were with.  I finally gave up and found an MFM a little bit further away and will see them for the first time on the 19th :)   I was going to do both until one of the group doctors saw me in the hospital when I thought I was having a miscarriage.  His bedside manner was atrocious. 

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