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Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer

My 3mo has a cough, stuffy nose. We have a doc appt today, but in mean time I broke out her Vicks Vaporizer for relief.
Is it safe to use with the Vicks scent sticks for a 3 mo?


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Re: Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer

  • I'm sure it's fine.  Your ped will probably tell you not to use a warm mist vaporizer though.

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  • I have a Vicks cool mist....what's the difference?
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  • My pedi told me either is fine as long as the baby is no where near the steam bc it can burn her and the warm is harder to clean. I have both and used the warm when she was sick and it def helped.

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  • I think warm mist works better. Some peds are now saying to use cool because kids have gotten burned on the steam...lack of common sense by parents, i suppose.

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