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Girl name: Marien/Marian/Marion

We're strongly considering this name & trying to decide on which spelling to use.  They are all legit, but Marien is the least common.  I think Marion is my least favorite spelling (looks more masculine to me).  Care to weigh in?

Re: Girl name: Marien/Marian/Marion

  • Marion, unless you want her to constantly be spelling out her name/correcting people.  It's a lovely name.

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  • Marion IS the masculine spelling (this was John Wayne's real nam before he changed it to be an actor). However, like PP pointed out, it probably has the least pronunciation issues. I think regardless, most people will default to Marian because it's feminine and the most common. You can correct the few people who try to call her Mary Ann.
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  • I also like Marian. I don't think too many people will draw that out to Mary Ann -- at least I hope not!

    I love that name -- I'd want to do a variation of Mary if I were having a girl.

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  • I would spell it Marian. I've never seen the Marien spelling before and I think if they heard it spoken, very few people would guess that spelling. I like it. 

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  • I would say Marian and Marion are used about equally. And I agree with PPs that Marion seems more masculine and Marian seems more feminine.

    I have never seen Marien used. I would avoid it.

    My vote is Marian.

  • Marian.  Marion is the masculine spelling, so I would think "boy" if I saw it.
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  • Marion was my nana's name. Very nice.


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    Marian. It's pretty-good choice. I do think "Lady Marian" but that's not a bad association.


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  • I like Marian the best, though Marion is fine too. I do not like Marien. 

    Same for me.
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  • Marion is the traditional male spelling but I know several older females with this name including my grandmother.  This is how I would spell it.   Marian I think people would mistakenly call Mary-Anne and that would bug me.   Marien just doesn't look right at all to me. 

    I really like it!

  • Marian!


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  • I really surprised by people saying Marian. It could be regional... I live in the south and have only ever seen it Marion. I think it is a beautiful name and the o makes the pronunciation clearer. The pronunciations of each would be very slightly different, but if you live in the south they would all be "mary-in".

    I think Marian would be pronounced more like Mary-anne from time to time. While there is no mistaking Marion. 
  • Marian is how I would spell it.

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  • I like Marian best!
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  • Marian is lovely.  I do like this or the Marien spelling best.





  • I default to Marian because that's the character from Music Man.
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