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My name is Tara and I am currently 36 weeks pregnant. My pregnancy so far has been a blessing, not too painful. On November 6th I have to go to my OB to have a pelvic exam to see whether or not I am going to have to have a C-section or not. My OB has already said it is a high possibility where I have narrow pelvic bones. Here is where the scared shitless part happens..this is my first pregnancy. I am worried about being numbed as to I am afraid that I will panic. On the flip-side I am also scared of being put under completely for fear of not waking up. Anyone want too share there c-section stories with me? anyone else have these fears? Are they even Logical fears? Please help!

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  • My OB said it wasn't possible to tell if a csection was needed or not from a pelvic exam. But if you do need a csection and it is planned, you most likely won't be put under. You will have a spinal or a epidural. Once you get it, the numbness will happen slowly and it's not scary. It wears off pretty quick, they had me up and walking after 6 hours. The doctors know what they are doing and have done it hundreds of times. Ask someone to hold your hand while getting the epi/spinal. They numb the area first with a tiny little shot and you barely feel it. Good luck, hopefully you won't need a csection. 

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  • They wouldn't put you under unless there were extreme circumstances.  You would be awake, but numb. They give you something that sedates you, in addition to the ipidural/spinal block.  My dh sat by my head & held my hand the whole time, which helped me a lot.  
  • I will be having my third c section Nov. 6. During my first one I freaked out after getting the spinal. The anesthesiologist said he could give me something to relax me but I might not remember the birth. I decided against it but you should know there are options to calm you down that do not require you to be knocked out. The baby is out very quickly and once that happens you are so focused on the baby you don't care what else is going on. Good luck!
  • Hello! I am a first time mom too. I ended up having a c section after 12 hours of induced labor. Mine went very smoothly! No horror stories here. It probably helped that I got an epidural within 1-2 hours of being induced. I was very relaxed. To be honest, my doctor told me throughout my whole pregnancy there was a big chance I would have a c section that I wasn't nervous at all. I was more nervous about giving birth vaginally.
    My husband was deployed during that time and thank goodness my mom made it in time to be with me. That was the only other thing that had me nervous that I would be alone.
    Congratulations on baby!!
  • Mine was fast (30 min tops) and easy. You are awake for it and it was easy I just talked to my husband the whole time.. The baby is out super fast.. And then they show you your baby and the dr takes pics of you guys and by the time that was done I was already stitched up. It was not scary at all.
  • I had a c section this morning at 27 weeks and I was scared shitless as well. It was definitely not as scary as I had thought it was going to be, it was actually a pretty cool experience because I was still awake for it. They gave me the spinal tap and after that it was a piece of cake. The best part was actually having a RN next to me so he would answer my questions because I'm a naturally anxious person. Right after I had him and he was stable enough they let me kiss him before taking him to the NICU because of how early he was. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world and it truly isn't anything to be scared of. I'm sure everything will go well for you :)
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  • I had a c-section in August & I too was very nervous going into it. I was fully awake during the whole thing. The whole thing only took 40 minutes total from start to finish!! And I got to see my baby right away! It is not painful - you only feel pressure when they pull the baby out. 

    The worst part for me was when they numbed me - but only because it is such an unusual feeling of your legs feeling so heavy and lifeless. 

    Recovery was a little painful but not super bad. I was able to walk within a few hours of the section & was feeling "normal" within 2 weeks. 

    Hope this helps you. I know its hard, but try to remain calm - it will all work out!! Goodluck!

  • I went though 28 hours of labor with my first and then was told I needed to have a c section. I went to only 6 centimeters. I was all ready to push and be in all kind of pain. But instead I had a c section and was up walking around the next day. I am now 36 weeks with my second and am scheduled for another c section on the 22nd of November. Don't be scared. Good luck.
  • You really really don't want to be under general anesthesia.  I was with my daughter and it was the worst experience I've ever experienced.  Its scary being numb with the epidural but you still get to see you child right after birth.  With GA you don't and your birth partner doesn't usually get to be in the room for the birth.  GA can also hit the baby if the surgery takes too long, my daughter was born not breathing and had to spend time in the NICU.  They can give you stuff to lessen the anxiety, take it.

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  • I felt the same way when pregnant.  With a high risk pregnancy I had been warned it was a possibility, though they promised as a last resort.  Well I was so worried about it. In hindsight I would tell you to try your best to not think about it too much!  When the time comes you will likely just be happy to get the baby out no matter what they want to do!

    I ended up on bedrest for 4 weeks, with contractions every 3min 24/7 while resting.  My baby came 5 weeks early, after 24 hours of even worse contractions.  None of the drugs (and 4 epidurals) worked for me.  I had originally wanted drug free or as little drugs as possible.  It worried me so much, the thought of using the drugs.  Then I got to the hospital and well, I could care less anymore!  After 2 hrs of pushing they determined that she was stuck with her head sideways.  They needed to do a C-section.  By that point in time I could care less anymore!  The C-section drugs also didn't work so last minute I had to get put under...even then I didn't care...I did have to insist they bring my poor husband in to tell him I had to be put under and that he wouldn't be able to stay with me.  They had him down the hall scrubbing up to come in with me and didn't even plan to tell him what was going on. 

    Anyways, point being that everything I had worried about, in the end didn't worry me because in the moment you want to do what is needed to get your baby out.

    As hard as it is to not worry...just know that what ever happens, happens whether you worry or not and in the moment you will just go with it!!

    The C-section scar was gross at first...just not what I thought it would be since it had staples.  But shortly after you again just don't care and get used to it.  Now it's a thin white line...I wear a bikini to weekly swim lessons and it isn't seen at all.


  • The nerves leading up to the spinal are much worse than the spinal itself! It really only feels like a bee sting. My Ob has me hug her while the anesthesiologist does it. DH has to wait outside, then he comes in after the spinal is done and I'm all prepped and ready. Don't let yourself get too worked up about it... It's a very short part of the whole process.






  • Hi!  I had my first baby in July and had a c-section due to preclamsyia and not being able to go on my own.  I had a good experience.  I wasn't put out all the way-was numb from my belly button down.  I had an epi because I was trying to have a vaginal birth and they just kept that in.  It didn't take long and my recovery was pretty easy.  I didn't take too many of my pain killers and as long as I put pressure on the incision when getting up and down for about a week then I wasn't in much pain.  They had me up walking the next day and I got up quite a bit.  I was on bedrest prior and couldn't even sit up for 2 days in the hospital prior to DD being here bc my blood pressure was so high so I was determined.  :)  Hang in there and yes it can be scary but so can a vaginal birth. 

    Good luck with everything!



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  • I've not read all of the replies.  They'll have you lean over a nurse.  The worst part for me was the EXTREME pressure.  It wasn't painful, but it felt like the guy was pushing me off the table with his fingertip.  After the surgery I couldn't sit up straight for a few hours without feeling sick, if I was more than a 45* angle for more than a couple of minutes I would feel icky.

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  • I had a CS in march 2012. It was an urgent CS... My dd was born at 33w3d and was breech. I had been having contractions for a few hours and then all of a sudden I was fully dilated and they were throwing scrubs at my dh and telling me NOT to push. It was scary only because it was so early. Dd is a perfectly healthy 19 month old. I was not under general. I was awake the whole time. I didn't feel anything at all. No pain, no pressure. I was very ill for the next 10 hours or so. Evidently there is something they can give you before you start to feel sick. If we ever have another baby, I will request this! Good luck!!
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  • I was really scared about mine. It ended up being okay. The worst part of the actual C section itself was probably puking several times when they turned up the epidural meds.  It was worse afterwards, more pain than I was expecting, but it gets better after a few weeks.

    Anyway, what I am basically saying is that while it may suck at the time, it should be fine in the end, so I wouldn't stress out too much.
  • They cannot in any way tell whether or not you can give birth vaginally without letting you try first.
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  • I was scared of not being numb enough, and kept telling them I thought I needed more. But then the anesthesiologist asked if they could start and when I said yes (after making him swear on his life I wouldn't feel the pain) he said they had already started.. No pain at all. I hope that helps ease your worries somewhat. :) good luck! You'll soon have your sweet baby in your arms and all of those worries will fade. :)
  • I had a csection 17 months ago I will have another in May. It wasn't bad at all I didnt feel them giving me my epidural I was so scared that it would hurt or I'd freak out it was quick and easy. Then when I had the surgery I couldn't see what they were doing I was actually pretty sleepy I looked at my husband and before I had any real time to get nervous my son was out. I was totally focused on him totally missed them stitching me and putting in the catheter. I would suggest taking stool softeners afterward that first poop in the hospital was on of the most painful things of my life because I didnt.  
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