Single Parents

Whats ur favorite?

I'm bored. So lets play a little game. What's your favorite/least favorite items that we do for our children that you can handle more then others.

What's your top five favorite kids Movies? For me; How to Train a Dragon, The Incredibles, The Lion King, Lady and the Tramp, and Ice Age (Series)

What's your top five children shows you can watch in order? 1. My little ponies (The hub), 2. The littlest pet shop, 3. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, 4. Dora the Explorer and 5. The care bears.

What's your five least favorite kids Movies? 1. The brave little toaster, 2. Old school my little pony movies, 3. Mickey mouse movies, 4. Dora movies and 5. Barney movies

What's your favorite saying or words that your child says? If you ask my daughter what her dad does at work her response is "make money for me" lol



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