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TTC after 35

BFN pros and cons and some questions

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So cycle 2 TTC #3 and it's a BFN
- If we get pregnant this cycle, it works even better for work. As a teacher, last cycle would have meant finishing term on Friday, and being due on Monday.
- Going to Sydney on Friday, so I can drink with careless abandon. Plus period came early so I don't have to think about that while we're away.

- I'm not pregnant
- first cycle back after DD2 was born was 27 days. This cycle was only 24 days. (previously I have always been 28-30 days) I'm starting to think my cycle haven't settled back into anything regular, or are settling into something un-useful. I'm pretty sure I ovulated around day 16, based on CM which I know is a bit unscientific, which would put my luteal phase at 8 days.

So my questions are, when are you meant to count the first day of your period. I've read different things, from the first day of red blood regardless of what time of day, to it's the first day you wake up with it.

Also, what do we know about luteal phases? Is it something that can be up and down for a while? Am I right in thinking that 8 days is on the short side? I have an appointment with my endocrinologist for my thyroid in a couple of weeks. He's not an RE but I thought I might ask if my thyroid and/or BF could be affecting it.

Thanks ladies.
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Re: BFN pros and cons and some questions

  • Yes, LP can be up and down. I had a 9 day LP, and then 11 day. Over time, it stabilized at about 10 days. I have taken a B complex and it did help extend it to 13 days or so.


    As for period, I always thought CD 1 was the first day of full red flow, no matter what time of day. Usually it's morning, but I was travelling overseas this past cycle, and it started later in the day so I marked that on my chart.

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  • I'm sorry for what you're going through. Based on my own experience, research and info collected from the 6 months I've spent over on TTCAL, I'll try to answer your questions: first, the first day of your period is the first day you experience a *full* flow; second, luteal phase can vary by a day or two and anything under 10 is considered short so yes, 8 days is short. As far as your thyroid, I'm not aware of any connection with either of these issues. I was DX with hypothyroidism and have it under control with medication. GL with your appt. I hope you can get some answers.


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  • Yes a short LP is an issue... have you had your progesterone checked? Your body is probably just trying to get back to a normal pattern and that may take a while.

    Your thyroid being off can hurt ovulation etc... shouldn't effect your LP though but my Endo an RE say when one thing is off several things usually are so you might talk to your Endo about it for sure.

    My RE counts CD1 as full flow if it is before 3pm.... my OBGYN says CD 1 is full flow anytime of day... I go with my RE's def.
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  • My RE says period is full flow before 5 pm.
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