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Introduction...I hope I'm in the right place

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Hi all,

I am 30 (IF caused by ruptured ectopic @ 25 and benign tumor @ 19 that took my r ovary), DH (no IF issues at all) is in the military and turning 31 this weekend. Married since 11/3/2007.  We live in NC with our 2.5 year old b/g twins.  The twins were conceived via IVF1.  We had 3 frozen embryos from their cycle and did a FET 10/1.  We got a BFP but betas were low/slow doubling.  This past week we were shocked to see a baby that measured perfectly with a healthy heartbeat.  Sadly two days later (Saturday) I miscarried while taking our little ones trick or treating at DH's unit Halloween Bash.  It was fast and completely heartbreaking (obvi). 

We're looking at IVF2 either in Jan or April.  We are military and at a post where they have a military RE clinic.  The downfall is that they only cycle quarterly.  We are at odds on whether to cycle in Jan or wait until April.  Just looking to give and receive support.  I hope I'm in the right place.  If I'm not, I hope I haven't offended anyone.

I'm an old nestie/bumpie from before the big switch over.  I haven't posted in a year or so and I had a different screen name that I haven't been able to sign into since the switch. 


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Re: Introduction...I hope I'm in the right place

  • Sounds like you are in the right place to me. I am so sorry for your loss :( Good luck to you in making your decision for the next IVF.
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  • Welcome to the board, and good luck with your next round of IVF!  I'm so very sorry for your loss.
    November 2010 - 10.5 week loss  o:) 
    October 2011 - DS (7)  <3 
    July 2014 - Stillborn DD (24 weeks)  o:) 
    August 2015 - DD (3)  <3 
    April 2018 - 5 week loss o:) 

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  • Good luck! 

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  • Hope your stay is a short one! Welcome!



    Don't hump it, Love it! 

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  • freakyfastfreakyfast
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    I am sorry to hear about your loss.  Welcome and good luck with your future IVF! 


  • Thanks for the warm welcome ladies :) 

    Just got back from my post-m/c check up.  Confirmed empty ute and betas are dropping.  They were 700's today and they want to follow them down to >5.  I have an appt Friday to discuss our next move.  RE wants at least one natural cycle before we start the next IVF.  I know that waiting and getting it together mentally/physically/financially is the right move, but I'm so tempted to cycle in Jan.  The 5-6 month wait for the cycle to start in March/Late April-Early May stims and retrieval is just so daunting.  I hate this.  Anyone been through a  similar scenario? 

    Thanks ladies!

    B/G twins born 3.22.11
    TTC #3
    M/C 10.26.13 @ 6w2d



  • Welcome!  I'm so sorry for your loss.
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  • Welcome!

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    BFFP Saw 1 beautiful heartbeat at 6w6d, follow up u/s at 9w showed mmc. Eff this.
    NTNP 5/2014-9/2014, OPKs and TI 10/2014 - 1/2015. 
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    IVF 1.2 1/22/2014 natural cycle start, AFC 28, 300 gonal f/150menopur. 
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  • Welcome. So sorry for your loss.

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  • Welcome!

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