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Have any of you ladies had experience with infertility and/or a fertility clinic? DH and I have been ttc for 12 months and I think an RE is our next step, but the thought makes me nervous.
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Re: infertility

    Arkansas Infertility especially Dr. Batres is amazing. Dr. Batres in the reason we have a beautiful little girl.
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  • Go, go, go! Arkansas Fertility and Gynecology is the only game in town but they were great! Dr. Moutas was my primary RE but I've been seen by Dr. Batres and Nurse Practitioner Sarah Humphries as well. They are the reason I am pregnant. See my pomegranate as my profile pic? That's the symbol of infertility. They are busy, busy so don't get distressed if you have trouble getting in or can't get the nurses to return your calls. Be persistent, don't waste time and get pregnant! 

    If you move to IVF, you are treated like royalty and are definitely made a priority. You have to be patient if you're not an IVF patient but I am pregnant with twins so I will always be grateful for them!
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