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finding a good attorney

as I am entering my 24 th week I want to find a good family law attorney but have no idea where to begin! any advice on what to look for in a lawyer? average cost? google can not be my only source !

Re: finding a good attorney

  • Try going to your local courthouse for help.
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  • My attorney is awesome! His name is Rogers Boudreaux. He isn't the cheapest but he is a great attorney! He has really helped me out a lot and even gave me free advice the first time I ever called him. You can also check with the attorney generals office, I went there before I had hired Mr. Boudreaux.
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  • You can go online and find lawyers in your area. I believe they are even rated much like doctors are nowadays. Most give one hour free and you can usually tell if they are a good match for you. I visited two before selecting. You should also know what kind of personality you want. Do you want someone who is tough and a barracuda in court? Do you want someone all business? Do you need someone sympathetic and a listener to your woes? I chose all business myself but everyone needs something different. Cost depends on what you are doing.
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