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Pressure in lower region...should I be concerned

I'm currently 25 weeks and for a few days have been having a lot of pressure in my lower region...aka vaginal area.  My OB checked my cervix at 22w2d and it was firm and measuring 4.5 cm.  I won't be getting my cervix checked again until next week (26w1d).  Should I be concerned with the pressure?  I have only had 1 other pregnancy that was a singleton and never had any problems whatsoever so every pain, twinge, cramp worries me.  I was just curious if I should be concerned with pressure and if your cervix could change quickly or if it's normally a slow, gradual change.

Re: Pressure in lower region...should I be concerned

  • It can change quickly. In my first twin pregnancy at 19w my cervix was normal by 22w I was dilated to 5 and I ended up losing my babies. If you feel something has changed you should call your dr and get checked. I really wish I had been more aggressive about getting checked when I was having pressure and pain. I don't mean to try and scare you or anything, but if you feel something is wrong, you're the one that knows your body best. Listen to yourself.
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  • This is one of those feelings that could be nothing or could be something. Pressure down there was the only symptom I could feel that indicated I was having issues. In my case it was a slow, gradual change. Many women feel pressure and it's nothing. I recommend getting your cervix checked just in case. Or at a minimum calling your OB before your next appt.
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  • Call your doctor. It could be nothing or it could be a symptom of PTL. My doc Always says to call with any change. Twin pregnancies change quickly. At 20 weeks I was getting my cervix checked every other week. It has been every week since 25 weeks.

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  • Is it sudden that you feel it? I've had lots of pressure and swelling since very early on (around 12w!), and never had that until the very end with my singleton pregnancies. I've been checked and my cervix is perfect, it's just the weight of the babies...mind you I mainly feel it first thing in the morning after lying down all night...I get up and feel such pressure. But, they say all is good, but doesn't feel great. Can't imagine what it will be like near the end (I'm 21 weeks now)!
  • I went into my doc at 19 weeks after just being checked at 16 weeks (where everything was perfect) and when she checked me, my cervix went from a 4 to a 1.7. Had I never went in for the pressure I was feeling and waited until my next appointment at almost 21 weeks, I could have lost them.

    Call your doc! Better nothing than something!
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  • Okay here comes my dumb question....
    Last appointment they were concerned with pre term labor which is my biggest fear. I'm paranoid I'm going to miss signs!!! How do you know when pressure is an issue and not the baby?
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