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Breast Pad Rec Needed

Hello to all you ladies with your new babies and congratulations!

I'm looking for recommendations for breast pads and/or cream.  I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant.  I cannot breast feed (due to toxins in my medications), but after I had my son, my breasts and nipples were incredibly itchy, sore, and irritated (and leaky of course) until the engorgement subsided.  I tried Lansinoh pads, but the only relief I could find were cut up pieces of cotton t-shirt tucked into my bra.  I've read good reviews about Motherlove and Lanolin cream, and I'm considering trying organic cotton nursing pads.  Any experience or recommendations?  I'm a long way off, but I'm making lists now.  Thanks!
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Re: Breast Pad Rec Needed

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    The Johnson & Johnson ones are fairly thick and soft, especially compared to the paper thin Lansinoh ones.
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  • I ordered my pads off udder covers with a discount code which floats around a bit, anyways I get six packs a total of 24 pads for 11$ which was the cost of shipping and I love them so soft and nice.
    And lanolin cream I used medela it was nice.
    Good luck in your search
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  • Medela had these gel pads that you apply to your nips ... I use them and have found relief from them. You can use them up to 6 days
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  • Fantastic!  I've taken notes, and I feel much more confident about improving my comfort level a few months from now (in this respect, anyway).  Many thanks!!
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  • I got a prescription for all purpose nipple cream from my doc that's been working wonders. Mine were so cracked and sore a week into bf and the nipple cream worked great. I like the Lansinoh pads personally. They are cheap and give great air flow for me.
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  • Bamboobies are very soft reusable pads, but have waterproof layer AND a fairly thin so as not to show through shirts.. Love them!
  • When my nipples got really sore and cracked I used the Medela lanolin cream. It healed them right up.
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  • I use the medela breast pads. I bought them initially because they were the only ones I saw at the store. Turns out they are super thin and fork really well and I'm a huge leaker and I've never leaked through.
  • I've used several brands if disposable pads and all have been fine for me. Lo won't nurse if I use lanolin, and I was going to try a commercial cream, but tried coconut oil in the mean time and that had worked great.
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  • I used Lansinoh brand disposable pads and loved the shape the best but switched to Bamboobies reusable pads. Bamboobies are great and have really helped my nipples by keeping them dry, bamboo is awesome for that! My only complaint is the shape, they are completely flat and are shaped like a heart. No matter how I place them, I end up with a wrinkle somewhere on my boob... but NBD with a padded bra.
  • The Johnson & Johnson ones are fairly thick and soft, especially compared to the paper thin Lansinoh ones.

    This! Tried many different brands.J&J are definitely my favorite!
  • I'm a fan of Johnson & Johnson disposable pads.
  • I use the Earth Mamma Angel Baby nipple ointment and ordered 6 pairs of pads from a seller on Etsy (she uses upcycled wood, hemp and a soft bamboo velour to go against your skin). I constantly have let down, so it was really important (especially at night when I get super engorged) to have a very absorbent pad. I also didn't want to keep having to invest in disposables. These can be machine washed and air dried (they dry in a day). 

    If you experience super sensitive nipples with cracking and bleeding, I have heard the Medela gel soothing pads are a godsend!
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