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Just Checking In- XP Dec 2013

Hey, haven't been on in a very long time. Hubs got orders to Texas so we were scrambling to get the house on the market, but a few weeks back we got order modifications and will be staying right here. The really cool part is that we were throwing all this money into home renovations for the sale and now we get to enjoy our beautiful updated house for three more years! Only downer is hubs leaves middle of January for a 10 week training. But he deployed around the same time with our son, so I know I can do it again. But blech.I'm way behind. We are having a girl, I don't have Gestational Diabetes this time(!), no sciatic nerve pain. Just your basic pregnancy tiredness along with keeping up with 20 month old Seth who has been a real joy lately. He is getting so big and smart I can't believe it!We are naming our daughter Lydia Ariel (pronounced Aarrriel- like a pirate, I guess. Not Disney pronunciation) Still due Dec 26. Still on track for a VBAC. Fingers crossed and interviewing doulas. Everything has changed on here. It is a little confusing. 
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