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"Wearing" your multiples?

Has anyone found a sling/carrier they used for their twins?  With my niece I "wore" her often and it was so easy, she slept the whole time so I could cook and clean for my sister.  I read the moby will fit twins for a couple of months.
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Re: "Wearing" your multiples?

  • I saw the Moby fits twins, and I have one. Otherwise you could back/forward carry using two ergos once they are older/bigger. There is another twin carrier that looks like two baby Bjorns slapped together but it looked horribly uncomfortable. I've just planned on a double carry as long as possible in the moby and then carry or in the ergo and have one in a stroller when out and about.. Or one in a rocker or something, basically whoever is screaming the loudest gets carried :)

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  • I tried my twins in the Moby and it didn't work too well.  I did use 2 carriers a bit.  I would put a Snugli on my back and Ergo on my front. 

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  • This one looks cool. But I haven't tried it.
  • There's a lightweight front pack (don't remember the name) that is basically two baby carriers that will zip together for twins or stay separate for one baby. My fav consignment store has it in stock right now and it looks pretty cool. I already have an Ergo and Moby so I figured it's overkill to get that too. :)
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  • I used the moby with my twins when they were newborns, but just around the house. Maybe when they were under 5.5 lbs.
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    I have 2 ergos. I front and back carrier. I bought a moby but I couldn't figure out how to get 2 babies in it.

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    ETA: This is me tandem carrying my girls.


  • I'll be using a didymos. My moby wasn't supportive enough with ONE let alone two.
  • My friend used one she found online from Maximom - if you google it it comes up.
  • When they were quite young I used two slings kind of criss-crossed across my body. Their heads end up between each of my elbows/arm pits and their legs and bottoms were next to each other (kind of over my stomach). It worked well until they got too big for the slings.

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  • I'm too afraid to try, haha! A friend with triplets wears one in the front with moby and one on the back with mei tai. She tried explaining how she does it, but I didn't understand.
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  • I mostly wear a mei tai and buckle carrier combo or a ring sling and buckle carrier, occasionally two buckle carriers.  This is a MT on the back and a BECO on the front when the girls were 4 mos old:


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  • I haven't done it often but in a pinch I can wear them on my front and back with our two Ergos. If we need to wear them, my husband and I will usually each wear one.

    This was in May, I believe, with around 60lbs worth of twins strapped to me.

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  • I went out and bought the Moby on Thursday just to try out wearing my two that are about ten pound each at this point.  I absolutely love it.  Now I am not sure how long I will be able to do it, but at that point to carriers can be used or I can Moby one and my husband can Ergo the other.  For right now I use the Moby when I am alone and its been great!

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  • I'm starting with a Moby.  Someone gave me two matching Baby Bjorns for twin wearing.  I haven't read the best things about them but I thought I might give that a try before I invest in another system.

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