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capture your grief day 28

Day 28. Special Place: This could be your baby’s place of rest. If they do not have a grave, maybe you have a special place that you associate with your baby. A place you go to, to remember them. Where is it? Why did you choose that particular place?
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Re: capture your grief day 28

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    We cremated Elsie, so we keep her box with us. We decided that whichever one of us passes first, we will bury her with us.

    Our place is the Dinsmore Homestead in northern KY. Its a place that is not far from where my parents live, and its also where my DH asked me to marry him, and then later got married there. Its our special place, and we visited there on her EDD to "introduce her" to the place. So, it always makes me think of all of our best memories. 

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    "Elsie Irene was born sleeping at 35w 6d on December 8, 2012. Mommy and Daddy miss you sweet girl."

  • We have a few special places. First is what was supposed to be the twins' bedroom. I have a super comfy rocker that I got so I could rock both of them to sleep. I still feel like that is a very special place for the three of us. The other is up north on the lake that she was named after. I had so many visions of taking her up there. It has always been a very special place for our whole family which is why she was given that middle name. My parents also bought the babies a brick in the park up north. It is right beside my grandparents' brick. I believe she knows them well and they are taking great care of her. Of course, the other very special place is where she was buried. It's beautiful and I always feel close to her there.
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  • The garden outside our parish is where his ashes are buried. His grandfather's ashes were buried there too.
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  • Day 28: special place. Our special place is baby Gary's plot at Resurrection Cemetery. This picture was taken right after Aubrey was born. It was really important to us that she visit her big brother.
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  • My special place is the corner of my bed that is directly in front of Domenik's shelf (where his ashes are). I sit there and look at his pictures and talk to him. I also go into the room that would have been his. I have a rocking chair that sits in front of a big window that faces the front of the house that gives me a chance to people watch. Something I hoped to do while I fed Domenik or rocked him to sleep.
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