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When do you have to take down the Mobile?  My LO is 7 months old, not yet crawling, but sitting up quite easily on her own and starting to pull herself up.  Is it time for the mobile to go?

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  • i took it down as soon as she could crawl. it was a pretty fast leap from crawling to getting to a sitting position to getting on her knees so I'm glad i did it then. i also dropped her crib when she crawled as well
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  • My mobile said "take down when 5 months or grabbing for objects"
  • I took it down as soon as she could reach it and start pulling on it.  when I saw that...the hubby had a job!



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  • I took it down when he could stand up in the crib.  Since even sitting up or crawling he couldn't reach, I did it when he started standing.  
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