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DS is 9mos old and I want to get more adventurous with foods but I'm nervous for allergies . My sister and brother each have a child with nut allergies and I'm noticing as the weather gets cold DS is developing patches of eczema on his legs ( which I know can be precursor to allergies). Do you think I should take him to get tested anyway due to family history ? Has anyone done this without actually having an allergic reaction to anything ?

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  • If you are concerned about new foods, this is what DD's allergist said to do:

    Take the food and rub it on the inside of DC's arm.  Wait 20 minutes and look for any kind of reaction.  If no reaction give a small amount to DC to eat.  Wait 20 minutes.  If all seems OK, then go ahead and feed as normal.

    DD didn't develop a peanut allergy until after eating it for a month with no problems.  (She was 2 when we first gave it to her)   So always be on the look out for new reactions. 

    I wouldn't run to the doctor and get tested though without reason.

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  • DD2 had severe eczema and was referred to an allergist to help treat the eczema. Since there is such a high correlation of eczema and allergies they tested her at ~3 months. She was allergic to eggs. Then they tested her again at 1 year (because of routine vaccines they had to make sure she wasn't allergic to them) and she was positive for egg, peanut and tree nuts. She up to that point had never had any of those foods so we don't know if she would have a reaction.

    What does your pedi say about testing? Could they refer you to an allergist and ask their opinion?
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