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maybe preggo

So. I'll start this saying dh and I use nfp. We are in avoiding stagr Well this past month I ovulated early 3 days early. Well I am now 4 days late for past 6 mobths my period ovulation has been like clockwork. I've taken numerous tests all negative. So at what point should I go see the dr a week late or 2? If something is wrong epectopic I need to be seen. I dont feel pregnant except my sense of smell and with 1-3 I knew had symptoms. I have 3 kids. So this is weird.
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Re: maybe preggo

  • I had to re-read this a few times because your grammar is so awful.

    Anways, none of us can tell you when you ovulated or if you're pregnant. Wait 60 days until no period and no positive pregnancy test. As for the "sense of smell?" You may be psyching yourself out and overanalyzing symptoms that may or may not be present. Try to be patient.

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  • How do people have multiple children and not realize the basics of your period...

    You period is like clockwork, until it's not. Simple as that. Neg test = not pregnant.
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  • I had a neg test for 2 months and I was pregnant. 5 different brands all said negative. The doctor said it happens. That was with my first child.
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