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Baby on the way and overwhelmed with 2 dogs

I'm 31 weeks and things are getting too overwhelming with having 2 dogs. Anyone have any suggestions on rehoming a dog? I've been trying to rehome my 5 yr old dog but haven't had much luck.

Re: Baby on the way and overwhelmed with 2 dogs

  • You made a commitment to the dog(s). You owe it to them to keep them as members of your family. Trust me I understand the apprehension, I have 3 dogs, 2 of which average about 90 lbs each. You deal with the changes and your dogs will too. If I can find a blog I read when I was pregnant I will post it. Playing a cd of baby noises help the dogs adjust to the sound of a baby crying/laughing/screaming/etc. This helped with all of my dogs anxiety. They can obviously sense something is changing, the new furniture, your belly, etc. It will only work if you and your DH want it to work. Dogs are pretty flexible creatures.

    DS #1 born January 2010. DS #2 due June 2014.

  • I can relate to a point. My H and I have two beautiful german shepherd dogs. If you know anything about GSD's, they are a very large, time consuming breed. I'm currently 8w pregnant and I have concerns about how they will behave once baby arrives. However, we made the commitment to raise them and keep them as our own. We love them to pieces and cannot imagine life without them- we will find a way to make it work. I suggest you do the same.


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  • We did a Dogs and storks class at Blue Cocoon. We have a very pushy (protective of food) aussi that has to be with you every second of the day. He is over 100 lbs and needy. It was a great class and the instructor was able to give us some great tips and advice to help him. All he wants is attention and we have been able to get him to listen more to our commands. Our little one is 8 months now and I can have them in the same room without worry.

    I reccomend the class it really helped us understand what our dog needed. Things are better now and we are still working on some of Max's behaviors with the trainer.

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