What ga did you stop putting a hat on LO? We live in a hot climate (it's still 90+ here) and I am
Still worried about a hat when we go outside.
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Re: Hats?

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    We only put a hat on our LO when we go out. We live in upstate NY and it's cold out now. But we keep the house set at 72.
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    We don't use hats...the house stays warm from her o2 converter so we actually have to crack a window to even keep it at 72ish. When we go out I just cover her carseat with a blanket while were outside. Haven't gone on walks bc it's been chilly/rainy so our outings consist of car to store only.
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    We stopped as soon as he was able to maintain body heat. Of course he ripped them off most of the time anyway. Now we only use if we are going outside and it's chilly/windy. We also use a car seat cover so we don't need one if he's in it
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