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To-Do lists

OK, I have to post mine and then officially kick myself off here while I get it done. ?Luckily DH is off today so this is really OUR to-do list (b/c I'm sure he'll get up soon and do half of it....right!)

-make guest room beds?

-DH to grocery store for beer and ice

-run 7 miles

-vacuum FR and couches

-sweep DR, kitchen, hall

-put laundry from yesterday away

-clean guest bathroom

-rearrange basement

-vacuum basement

-dust everywhere

-walk dogs

-arrange: veggie platter, rye boat, shrimp cocktail

-make: fruit pizza

-set out glasses, plates, napkins, etc

OK, NYE party tonight. ?I pre-made most of the food. ?People begin arriving at 8, I CAN get all this done in 11 hours. ?Ready, GO!?

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    - Take a shower

    - Bathe Caedan

    - Eat lunch

    - Get Hair Gel for DH

    - Relax!?

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    Here's mine:

    While at work I need to:

    Find a recipe for a dessert to make for a party tonight

    Call about a referral for some medical work

    Sign some stuff and turn some forms in

    Pay some of my bills

    and umm, work too I guess

    After work I need to:

    Buy ingredients for previously mentioned recipe and make whatever it is

    Go home and install everything on my new computer

    Relax and have fun at the party tonight!

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    -clean kitchen

    -finish 4 sets

    -clean rug

    -clean bedroom

    That's all for today

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    Edit for done: 

    - shower
    - dishes
    - diaper laundry  currently in the dryer
    - DD's laundry currently in the washer
    - got to the store for formula and wipes (last can of formula EVER!)
    - finish DD's snowman diaper
    - write TY notes for DD

    surprisingly i think that's all i have for today... pretty short list for me... 

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    • Fix surf & turf feast.
    • Do hair & makeup.
    • Tidy house.
    • Clean kitchen.
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