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Hitting/Biting himself

How do you deal with a kid that is extremely delayed and doesn't seem to understand anything who is biting themselves really hard? He is not breaking the skin but is leaving marks for hours. He is also hitting himself in the head (side of head, mouth, eye, cheeks). If I pin his arms down it seems to make it worse. Telling him no doesn't do anything. He does it 50% out of frustration and the other times form who knows what reason.... he is doing it very hard and repeatedly.

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Re: Hitting/Biting himself

  • Is he teething? Molars always brought that out in my older son. He would bite his hands because they were easiest to get in his mouth and hit his head because his mouth hurt. He had about the same skills as your son does and he didn't have the fine motor to accurately touch what was hurting him. For us, Advil chewy toys and time helped.
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  • Jon sucks on his arms and bites them.  We have a chewy for him since it's a sensory issue with him.
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  • Sensory overload. He has seen an OT for it?
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