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WWYD - supplement question/worries

Hello, So a quick back story, my DD us 6 weeks old. Since birth she has been gaining weight somewhat slowly. It took her 13 days to gain back her birth weight, my ped wanted 10. So we kept going back every few days or every week to check her gain, the last 2 times we went (last time was 2 weeks ago) she gained 20-23 grams per day, which the pedi was very happy with this so she said to come back in 2 weeks, which was today. Sadly, she only gained 12 grams a day instead if the expected 20. I was pretty upset when she said we could supplement wit ready made formula after every feeding, 1oz each time. She said we didn't HAVE to but we could if we wanted to get her weight up faster. BF has been good since birth however I'm thinking maybe my supply may be low? Her latch is great, not sure what else it would be as to why she's gaining slowly. Question is, what would you do? Supplement with formula or try other remedies first? I'm going to try nursing differently, switching sides often during each feed as she gets sleepy easily and is hard to keep awake sometimes. I have an appt with an LC next week so she can watch my DD eat and see if possibly I am doing something wrong and get her advice. I want my daughter to be health and gain properly but really don't want to use formula without trying to in increase supply first, etc. I can't help but feel like I'm failing in some way. My pedi said some babies just gain slower than others but was very quick to tell me to use formula.. I just don't want to use it unless it's a must. WWYD or any experiences with something similar would be great. Edit: on mobile sorry for any spelling errors and the congested paragraph.
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Re: WWYD - supplement question/worries

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    ((Hugs!)) I know how you feel. My DS1 struggled with this around 2-5 mo. First, the appt with the LC is a great start. Get all the info you can from an expert in BFing (pedi's are not!) and see what she says. In the meantime...

    Don't switch sides too often. Your LO needs the hindmilk that comes in after the foremilk when she's eating. That's the fattier milk that she needs to gain wt. I've heard it can take about 20 min to efficiently nurse on one side.

    You can "supplement" with your own BM. Try pumping a little every day and give that in a bottle after BFing, if that makes you feel better.

    Feed on demand, if you aren't already.

    Best of luck to you!! Please update us!

    ETA: Instead of switching sides to wake her, try burping her, changing positions, sitting her up for a moment, removing some clothing, etc.
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  • I echo what pp said, you don't want to switch sides too frequently. In fact block feeding on one side per feeding can be useful to increase the amount of hind milk baby receives. Nothing you said seems that alarming. Most LCs and breastfeeding friendly pediatricians want to see baby reach birth weight by 2 weeks old and it soundalike your little girl did just that. How are her wet and poopy diapers? How does she seem after eating? Is she content or fussy?
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  • Its more than normal for a NB to take two weeks to get to birth weight. Your pedi doesn't sound like he understands the difference between FF and BF babies. I'd keep longer on one side, do compressios when you nurse and above all stop worrying. You supplementing without pumping is going ok o be the death of your supply. I'd stop that ASAP.
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  • I agree with the suggestion of pumping and supplementing with BM. Also, at the LC, ask to do a weighed feed to see how much your LO takes in. N took 3 weeks to get to birth weight. I had no choice but to supplement because my supply never came in. Some babies just don't gain fast. You can try formal until you figure things out but it sounds like your LO is doing fine.
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