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My Sperm donor

Back ground: my bio-dad and I had a strained relationship until a few years ago. He stepped up and started parenting my mentally challenged brother. He gave a fuck about his kids and A. He couldnt care less, we are around. I did not see him for 3 years and he never called. It was a one way relationship and I stopped trying

FF to the last few months. My brother is in a care facility. (He needs to be there) My dad is going back to his old ways. He hasn't called in over two months. We would talk once a week. He doesn't answer when I call.

I found out last night he is dating again. His current GF is 29! I'm 28. My oldest brother is 30!

We are in town and he was suppose to get Allie today. I bet $20 on a bucket of chicken, he doesn't show.

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