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dd crying more than usual

Dd is 5 months and almost every day the past few weeks she will have uncontrollable crying. I can't get her calm as if something is hurting her. She won't eat during those times either.  When she wakes from naps too, she will cry hard and then eventually calms down. I give her gas drops but I was wondering if you ladies had any ideas why she might be having these episodes that she never had up till a week ago. Could she be teething? 
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Re: dd crying more than usual

  • My little one does this too and it's because she is teething. Feel your baby's gums to see if you can feel a bud. Also look at the gums to see if there is any swelling, bleeding or white spots. N puts her hand in her mouth while crying and I give her one of those cold water teething rings and she feels better right away. Once I'm 100% sure it's her teeth, I give her infant tylonol and it helps big time! Good luck!
  • definitely could be teething.  Give her something cold to put in her mouth and see if she attacks it
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