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Sooo exhausted

Last night was crazy. DD refused to be set down, she had to be in my arms all night. I had changed her diaper earlier in the evening and I guess I forgot to throw it away...? I walk in my room to change her again and there was few remnants of that diaper on the floor. My dog ate the diaper. I couldn't reprimand my dog or help her induce vomiting, I couldn't clean the floor so my room smelled like shit, and I had an overtired 4mo old who wouldn't eat or sleep, just wanted to be held by mommy. Not lookin forward to more nights like that!

Anyone else have a story to tell?
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Re: Sooo exhausted

  • My three month old little boy refuses to sleep at night or in his pnp only on mommys chest . Im so tired its rediculous. I want to take a nap but hes sitting on me kicking me in the boob
  • Oh my god @roxalot that sounds do awful!!

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  • LOL, that happened on the first night I was alone at my house in about 2 or 3 weeks. My dad had gone out and I didn't have plans with my boyfriend until about 9 (I know, late, but I figured she would've been asleep by then so getting her in the carseat wouldn't have been a big deal).  Even though I was only alone for 2 hours, oh my god, it was amazing how fast things fell apart!  Since that night, we were OK'd to start solids! O.O  She's getting so big! and she's sleeping through the night better, only waking up once or twice!  
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  • I feel your pain. My LO is 10 months old and still isn't STTN.  Some nights are better than others. I used to try to cosleep and nurse to get her to settle a little better. I also gave her gripe water if it seemed to be gas related. I just kept reminding myself that this will one day pass and I just focused on savouring that moment - looking at her fine features, her tiny feet, kissing her forehead.  It helped me to release any of the anxiety and tension I was feeling about not being asleep because she wouldn't sleep. Good luck!


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