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LO's w/ SPD...advice needed



So my daughter is 22 months and has not been formally diagnosed yet w/ SPD but she is in Early intervention and they pretty much have told me she has it. She for months now has been hand flapping and rocking on her hands and knees. She goes through fazes where she will rock non stop throughout the day. I was wondering if any of you experience this w/ you LO's and any advice you can give me as for what to do when she gets in these rocking modes?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: LO's w/ SPD...advice needed

  • Redirect to a more functional play activity. Can you get a swing for your backyard? If you have a tree they have ones for $20 you can hang--if not a plain swing set will run you about $100.
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  • Have they given you any kind of sensory diet to work on at home with her?
    My son doesn't rock, so I might not be much help there, but a few good books on SPD that might help figure out what her behaviors are telling you that she needs are The Out of Sync Child and Growing an In Sync Child. I found them both very helpful.
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  • My son has SPD, he is now 3 yrs old. He never hand flapped and never rocked.  This can sometimes be related more to ASD than SPD, so keep eye out for other things.  She may outgrow these behaviors. Ask your OT for sensory diet info to do, this is where you do something sensory related every 2 hours or so. Give a lot of sensory stuff.  You can really get creative with things. PM me if you need ideas. Has your LO been evaled by devel peds.  This is prob your next step.  Also read the out of sync child, it will give some insight.
  • Get a sensory diet ASAP - we had to push our OT for one and I feel it is really late in her therapy but better than never even though it is still in progress.

    DD started with the finger tapping by the face around 18 months which has since went away and also arm flapping - or so I thought. She kept appearing to flap her arms on her legs during her bedtime stims, but when I saw it more closely a few months ago I noticed she was actually itching at her legs in a repetitive way. I talked to our SLP, and she said that it is proven in articles that anxiety releases anti-histamines, so I attribute that to what I originally thought was flapping. Now if he is flapping like by the face or at shoulder level the dev pedi is a good idea - DD just found other ways by watching others to show anxiety to replace her finger tapping.

    We do a LOT of vestibular input and brushing, so I agree again with getting your OT on a diet plan ASAP. DD still rocks when at the dinner table and such where anxiety is very high due to multiple challenges for her (eating, sitting still, same room, mom getting up and down to get food/drink, etc all at the same time).

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