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congested baby=exhausted momma!

My 4.5 month old DD is so congested and I've tried everything I can think of! Inclined sleeping, humidifier, Vick's, saline spray, nasal aspirator. Even found some Hyland's cold tablets, and a natural cough syrup safe for ages 2 months & up. Anything I'm not thinking of? These things are helping some....but we need to kick this cold to the curb!

one exhausted momma!

Re: congested baby=exhausted momma!

  • Watkins medicated ointment on her feet (under socks or a sleeper with socks). This works wonders on me as an adult and my mom swore by it when I was congested as a baby and child. 

  • I think the Olba's oil I've been using is probably a lot like the Watkins ointment! :)
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  • I've done the shower steam the last couple nights and it does seem to help, temporarily anyway. And I have the nosefrieda, love it! :)
  • Everything everyone else mentioned, but I use vicks on the bottom of the feet. I have heard about putting water & vicks in a scentscy warmer. Its supposed to do wonders! I think you are doing a great job. Just takes time!
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