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Intro! I am long winded and giving the whole story, be prepared :-)

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I am not sure if this board is like others but I wanted to do an intro over here!

I'm Rae, DS is 12 weeks old. BD was emotionally abusive and I ended the relationship after finding out I was pregnant because the stress was not good for me or the baby. He blocked all forms of communication with me throughout the whole pregnancy. I filed for CS in March. DS was born at the end of July, and the night he was born BD contacted me trying to get back into our lives. I decided to give him a chance. He never came to the hospital, never signed the acknowledgement of paternity paperwork to be on the birth certificate. He strictly came back into our life in order to keep me from filing on him. He went back to his old ways when I told him we would not be dating. Got a new girlfriend 2 days later, hasn't asked about DS, didn't show up for the child support conference. So I filed a non agreed order, they FINALLY served him over a month later. And now he thinks he can take me to court. Thats my story! Sorry you got the full run down on the drama in my life!

If you read all this, here is a reward:


Re: Intro! I am long winded and giving the whole story, be prepared :-)

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