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So ladies who have taken Clomid, can anyone tell me how it was for them? I am starting my first pill today and am kind of nervous! I take 5 pills, for 5 days-at 50 mg. per dose. How long after do you usually ovulate? I am also being monitored by my Dr.

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Re: Clomid?

  • I took it to get pregnant with my first.  I then took it twice when trying to conceive DD, and ended up taking Femara on the third month.  I know some people have weird reactions to it, but I didn't actually notice much.  I was maybe a bit more emotional or irritable, but nothing crazy.  I ovulated around day 15-16 with it the first two times (with my DS and first month with DD).  I did not ovulate at all on my third month, which is why I switched to Femara.  

    I will be forever grateful to Clomid, since it brought me my DS!!!  :)  Good luck, and I'm glad you're being monitored.  I only developed 1 real sac each time I took it, but I do know people who overstim, and you'll want to know that before you BD!  
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  • Yes.  I was monitored each time.  There are multiple really good reasons to be monitored.  One is that Clomid thins your lining, so many responsible OB/REs won't let you take it more than 6 months.  If you are not responding to 50mg, you'll want to know for sure, so that your dr can alter your dosage, so you don't "waste" any of your cycles.  Also, if your lining gets thinned too much, it is not going to help if you ovulate because the embryo wouldn't be able to implant, so you'll want to know this kind of stuff.  

    Additionally, clomid may do wacky things to your cycles, so you may ovulate sooner or later than you normally would, and monitoring is really the only way to get a good sense for when that might happen, so you can ensure good timing.  

    And finally, some people react very highly to clomid.  Kate from "Kate plus 8" actually took clomid.  Granted, she also had an IUI, but she produced 8 eggs from Clomid (I don't know the dosage)!  I would definitely want to know if I was going to release 8 eggs before going ahead with BDing.  

    More than likely there is no harm to taking 50mg of clomid, and your chances are good you'll be fine, but if you can get monitored, at least for your first cycle to see how you respond, it is definitely advisable.  
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