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Bassinet vs Rock N Play Sleeper

Hi moms! I'm 33 weeks pregnant with my 1st and I have been totally set on using the Fisher Price rock n play sleeper beside our bed instead of a bassinet. We got one as a shower gift and I have had great feedback from friends with babies. We took a newborn care and safety class, as this is our first, and the instructor who is an RN said she would not recommend it bc of the slight incline as it will keep our LOs legs scrunched up as opposed to her being able to stretch out. Now I'm second guessing the sleep situation. Any insight is greatly appreciated!

Re: Bassinet vs Rock N Play Sleeper

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    Here's what made us stop using the RNP abruptly, we moved our LO to the PNP and he did fine! Although, he still loves to hang out in his RNP and take an occasional (monitored) nap in it.
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  • We used the RnP for daytime naps in the living room until she was about 8 weeks old. (That's when she started only napping in my arms, which she still does at 4.5 months.) She definitely likes to stretch out when she sleeps and couldn't do that in the RnP.

    Although it's good for babies with reflux issues, my suggestion would be to have your baby sleep flat on their back right from the start. It will make your crib transition easier. My LO was in the bassinet of the pack n play at night till she was 10 weeks old and reached the weight limit. Her crib transition was NBD because she was used to sleeping on her back.
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  • Thanks for the feedback! Definitely going to switch to a bassinet for sleep and keep RnP for naps.
  • My lo never liked the rnp, but seems to be in the minority, most babies seem to love the rnp on here. She slept in the bassinet great
  • My DD slept a lot better in her RNP. She slept in it next to my bed for 6 weeks and then we moved her into her crib. It was especially good for her because she got a really bad cold when she was two weeks old and lasted a couple weeks. When she slept on her back in her crib she'd start choking because of the cold but never had any issues in her rock n play. She also slept with her legs scrunched up regardless of where she slept

  • We had a bassinet but ended up using the RNP. We did try the bassinet but DS moved around way too much and was always banging into the sides and waking himself up.

    In the RNP, DS never had any issues stretching his legs or just stretching in general when he needed to and he's on the tall side, we did have to transition him out of it around 4 months because he didn't seem comfortable in it any longer and was trying to stand up in it. He still occasionally naps there.

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  • My baby is 13 wks and she has slept in the rnp from day 1. She seems to like it, she sleeps ten hrs through the night in it and there's no flat spot in sight. I like that it rocks and I have it right next to my bed.
  • We are first time parents, as well, and it saved us from loosing our mind and what little sleep we got! Our LO had acid reflux and slept like crap and was getting too big to sleep with the boppy. LO is now going on 5mo and takes naps in it and has been teething and a few nights slept in it. 
    I can see why the RN says its not good for the legs, but it takes them a while for their legs to stretch out anyhow. Also, now LO is big enough to use the the "seat" part of the RNP. I loved it!

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  • I loved my RnP! Sad thing gave LO a flat head and now she may need a helment/band. :(
  • This is seriously one of those things that I think people freak out about for no reason.  Most of the time any flat head issues comes from EXTENDED use (meaning, night time and day time use) plus lack of tummy time and time being held upright.  If your baby is lying on his/her back all the time, obviously the head can get a severe flat spot.  But if you're doing 20 minutes of tummy time a day + holding your baby and supporting them upright you should be fine.  Many flat headed babies are actually born that way, it's not something the parents did. 

    My son has slept in either a swing or an RNP his whole life and his head is nice and round.  He does have a bald spot on the back but that's it.  We tried to use the bassinet but my son was able to roll over from the day he was born and I kept finding him on his stomach with his face pushed against the side.  No thanks.  I much prefer the swing/RNP option.

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  • My baby is 4.5 months old and slept in the RNP for 4 months. He loved it! No flat spots here either. I am nursing so I loved that he was right next to my bed. He just got too big for it and now he's in the PNP still next to our bed
  • LO did all her daytime naps in the RNP and nighttime sleep in the bassinet up until she was 5 weeks. We switched her to her crib for all naps and nighttime sleep since then. The RNP is great though for hanging out while I do things around the house.
  • This might be "against the rules" but sometimes when LO is asleep in the RnP it's light enough that I can carry him from room to room in it without waking him up. If he's asleep in the bedroom but I'm folding laundry in the living room, I can easily pick him up and move him. That's a major plus for me.

  • We did well with the RNP.  It is fine for the first three months or so.  I think after that you will want a crib.
  • I love the rock and play.... I know I maybe in the minority that are still using it but my son was a preemie and came home at 3.10 hes now 12 lbs at 5.5 months so im getting alot more use out of it. its also great if you travel it takes up less space then a pnp and fits easily behind the seat in the car etc. I second the part of moving him in it while hes sleeping.. it happens but its one less transition. if you wanted to go with something like a bassinet I reccomend the arms reach co sleeper.. we have one of those too that was given to us and we rotate between the two. my son loves to be swaddled and cozy so the rnp works better bc hes enclosed hope this helps.
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