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rolling over.

My LO started rolling over! Yay, however, he is rolling from front to back, but not back to front. I was so excited to see him accomplish this milestone, but then when reading an article in parent magazine, i guess its supposed to be the other way around. He's supposed to go from belly to back then back to belly. I guess he's going backwards. How should I encourage the belly to back? When LO gets on his belly after rolling over he hangs out for a bit then freaks out and tears start flowing. 

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Re: rolling over.

  • Really? I swore I read the opposite! That going from belly to back usually comes first.   Wait, which way can your little man go? Re-reading your post, I'm a little confused. 

    My LO can roll from his tummy to his back but not his back to his tummy yet, although I can see him trying, he rolls onto his side alot.

  • Yeah I'm said "he is rolling from front to back, but not back to front". You mean he's rolling from his belly to his back? That's the one that happens first. 

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  • sorry to confuse you, LO rolls back to tummy. 

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  • according to parents magazine they do because of tummy time.

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  • Okay, so it does sound like he went the other way but I also read that it sometimes happens too that they do back to front first. oh well! Either way, yay!!  Maybe try a little more tummy time and encouraging him to roll over by literally rolling him over yourself. That's what I did and eventually he got it!  But I wouldn't worry at all.

  • My LO also has rolled from back to tummy first. He hasn't rolled tummy to back yet. I told his doctor this last week and she said he just decided to do the hard one first and no need to worry! They will get the other way sooner or later!
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  • I spoke to the child health nurse about this yesterday... My LO is anti-napping! To make matters worse shes started rolling onto her tummy as soon as she's put down. The nurse said that you can't keep them on their back, the baby will find a comfortable position and be ok. I tried leaving her.. Sge can't roll tummy to back again so she starts off excited then gets upset because she just keeps face-planting in the mattress, isn't laying with her head to the side. Hope she figures it out soon!!
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  • We have the opposite problem.  LO HATES tummy time so he quickly learned how to roll tummy to back but hasn't quite figured out back to tummy yet.  He rolls onto his side a lot, but never all the way to his tummy without assistance.  I've been spending a lot of time on the floor trying to coax him/help him but we're not quite there yet!
  • Mine did both on the same day....He is almost five months. Now he just kinda rolls around all over the floor until our furniture stops the funniest thing!!

  • He's just frustrated. I'd put a toy in front of LO and kind of dangle it and try and get her to reach up and try and roll, but she was rolling back to belly at 3 months and 5 months was when she really got the hang of belly to back (and then she started rocking on all fours and trying to crawl..smh). 
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  • My little one started to roll from tummy to back a few weeks ago (He just turned 3 mos on the 17th). He's still trying to get familiar with arm/hand placement to roll over, but how exciting when I see him do it! It's really a wonderful achievement :D! Now I'm just waiting for the back to tummy rollover :)
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