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My LO turned 6months last week but we were out of town so we didn't go to the dr.....

When I called to make an appointment for her wellness visit they cannot get me in for a whole month. Not as big of deal but I am on a special shot schedule and that will mess it up.

I have been seeing the dr every few weeks as my LO has an unknown allergy to something I have been eating. If I needed an appointment for that I could get in tomorrow.

I have to go back soon for her tummy anyway, would you just ask the dr to give her shots during that visit or should I wait?
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  • I'm in the same boat.  They couldn't get my LO in for his 6 month checkup until he is 7 months.  I don't get it.  I would ask if they could because a lot of times the nurses do the shots anyways.  If they can't, at my doc's office you can come in tues-thurs and get shots without an appointment.  That may be an option if they offer it.
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  • You could probably get the shots but I'd still schedule a wellness visit so they can do all the other checks.
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  • Does the receptionist understand your special shot schedule?  I would make it very clear that you have to keep the shots on schedule.

    The wellness appt itself, I wouldn't sweat it.  LO has not been on time for any of his appts -- he's been 2-3 weeks behind for every one. :-)

    The 9 month appt is scheduled on his 9 month "birthday" but everything else has been off.  :-)


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  • Ask if you can just do a nurse visit for shots and make your wellness appt next month.
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  • arschm02 said:

    Ask if you can just do a nurse visit for shots and make your wellness appt next month.

    This. We just got DD shots today and the flu shot she was given was only half the dose so she goes back in a month to get the rest. We will just see the nurse at that time. It's very quick.

  • This happened to us for her 4 month shots, which didn't get done until she was almost 5 months old. Now she has her 6 month shots next week, barely 5 weeks after the other ones. I'm sure its still ok but I am nervous about them being so close together.

    Honestly, I wish I had of pushed for someone else to do her shots closer to the 4 months. It would have given me much more peace of mind.

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