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Teething Help?

So, DD is clearly starting to teethe (I can even feel some sharp little ridges on her bottom gums), and is really cranky/miserable at night unless she's nursing. I'm happy to nurse her more, but she's also getting frustrated, because she isn't hungry, and just wants something in her mouth. She will take a pacifier from DH, but not from me, but only while being held (she would wake up screaming whenever he put her down).

Last night was the first night it was really bad, but she was just a screaming, sniffling, drooling mess. Poor nugget!

We wound up giving her a half-dose of baby Tylenol, but I'd prefer to make that a "sometimes" thing, and not resort to it all the time. Last night, I coslept with her so it would be easier to nurse (but neither of us sleeps well that way...she has adamantly been a crib baby from about 8 weeks), and I don't think either of us slept more than about 2 hours at a stretch.

For tonight, I've got a frozen washcloth and baby Orajel. Anything else you ladies would recommend? We seem to have timed teething to coincide with sleep regression and rolling, so I can't swaddle her (which she loved), and it's just miserable. I don't want to ask this on other boards, because I don't want to get into a CIO discussion. Any ideas/help would be much appreciated!
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