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Anyone have or consider a birth photographer?

For next baby (not pregnant yet) I'm thinking seriously about having a birth photographer.

I love some of the pics that a photographer can get. Even some of the graphic ones of baby being born, I think are beautiful (obviously I wouldn't be posting those ones on facebook) But I would love some of those pics of the first time Mum and Dad see baby, BF etc etc etc

My concern is that I know they always say a natural birth is easiest to achieve when Mum is most relaxed, and I wonder if an extra stranger in the room would make me uncomfortable even on just a subconcious level.

I know a good birth photographer will be as unobtrusive as possible, but I know you want to get them there early enough so as not to miss things.

I've had two straight forward natural births, DD2 was reasonably fast.

So my question is, have you had  a birth photographer, did you feel like it impacted on your birth at all? is there anything else I should be considering.

Oh and in terms of people in the room:
DD1 I had DH and my MW in the room, until DD got a bit stuck and the OB came to check me out, but she said it was all fine and DD was born two pushes later.

DD2 was delivered by DH, but in theory my MW would have been there as well.

In NZ we don't have extra nurses, and doctors in the room unless the attending MW has a cause for concern and calls for back-up.


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Re: Anyone have or consider a birth photographer?

  • I think it is totally up to what you feel comfortable with. I have considered having my best friend on my birthing team, and given the responsibility of taking pictures afterward. Although I have never given birth before, I know I would not invite someone who was not close.

    I have an acquaintance who is a birth photographer (I think she calls herself the DC Birth Photographer?) and she attends a lot of births. She says that she works hard to be unobtrusive and hang back so that the mother can remain comfortable and unbothered, and the fact that she has children herself might make it easier for her to sympathize with what women need. Maybe if you get someone who specializes in that kind of photography it would help to make it less uncomfortable?
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  • I did not have a photographer with my first.  My doula did take some photos afterwards and they turned out cute but I wish I had some from the whole process.  I am considering hiring a birth photographer for our next.  The cameras and technology we have today is pretty good so I figure it would be easy for a photographer to stay far away (in the background) and zoom in for certain shots.  As for feeling comfortable with the photographer I would not worry so much about that. Now I don't think I would want a male photographer there but I would be fine with a woman.  In my L&D I remember not really caring who was around and what was going on.  I was so focused on the contractions and pushing.  I do agree with PP though.  I would pick someone who has done birth photography and has an idea about what kinds or pictures to take and positioning to get those pictures.

  • I am a birth photographer and I go during active labor. I like to be there for early active so I can get some good shots of mom laboring and then the actual birth. I don't add too much to the room, I just stand where I need to and move around for the best shots. I'm due in May with our third and ill have a birth photographer present for it! I'm super excited to have those pictures for myself this time :)
  • Excellent point, Tangerine. If anyone has had a birth photographer, what did you pick out to wear while laboring? It seems silly to ask, and I'm sure at the time it will be the last thing on your mind, but if pictures are important to you you want to be able to share them...
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  • I considered it, but didn't follow thru with planning. And, I am so disapointed I didn't. This is one of my big regrets. My second son's birth was a life changer for me, and I wish I had documented it :(
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  • Most of my clients wear a sports bra or bikini top. Just something that's easy to get off once baby is born! Also, most birth photographers will take a few (if you wAnt them) graphic pictures but mostly focus on tasteful pictures of the birth. I try to get the actual crowing for my moms that want that and then focus on the moment baby is out, putting to chest, first latch and so on so mom can share with family and friends. Plus, almost anything can be cropped out of a photo :)
  • My sister photographed DS's home birth.  I'm a pro photographer and she works with me a lot so she knows her way around a camera even if birth isn't her speciality.  I love the moments she captured and will definitely have her with us again this time around.  Since we're close anyway it didn't bother me to have her there, I'm not sure how I would have felt it she were a stranger, but my midwife did have an assistant who I had only met once and that didn't make me uncomfortable, so I guess I would have been okay no matter what.

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  • I had a photographer and I'm so thankful to have the experience documented. Here is a link to her blog...

    No regrets!!
  • I had a photographer and I'm so thankful to have the experience documented. Here is a link to her blog... No regrets!!
    what beautiful, beautiful photos.  it looks like you had an amazing birth experience.  i also regret not having a photographer present.  in fact, if my dad hadn't been able to come out that night, we wouldn't have had any pictures at all.  DS came 16 days early and we weren't at all prepared.  i packed my bag while i was in labor and the camera was the last thing on our minds as we headed out the door.  i definitely think i'll try and at least have a friend take some pictures for us when the next one comes around.

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  • I had a home birth with DS and one of my close girlfriends is a photographer who came and snapped some absolutely beautiful shots of the birth and first few minutes

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    We choose our doula in part BC of her photography service. She isn't a professional photographer, but she has a good eye, and knows and loves birth, so she gets good perspectives. We were really happy with the photos she took (not as many as we'd have gotten with a dedicated photographer, but she also doesn't charge extra and was busy with her primary role as doula), and she even video tapped his c-section birth for us (which has been really helpful for me in processing the experience). Anyway, that's one option to consider.
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  • Yes and I am looking so hard for one we can afford but to no avail. :(  I really really want it and wish I could find someone, a friend even that wasn't freaked out about it and would photograph it for me.

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