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Not sure where else to ask this, I've never dealt with the body changes after a loss and many of you have so hopefully u have an answer. TMI warning. It's been 3 weeks since I lost my baby at 21 weeks (I delivered her). I bled for 2 weeks then had nothing. Now I have what appears to be EWCM (the super stretchy kind) BUT it is bloody. I'm not bleeding, it's just that when the EWCM comes out it is pink or red. Any clue what this means??? Thanks!

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  • I don't know what that means for you, but I actually started my period almost 4 weeks to the day later. It started with a little spotting and full on started. You could be gearing up to start your period. Side note: my first period came with a heavy reminder of our loss (you might want to prepare for that). You should call your doctor if you're worried about it. My doctor wanted to be kept up to date to make sure I was regular again.
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    Are you sure it isnt lochia? I still had some that came and went several weeks after birth. It wasnt enough to be a problem (panty liner at most), but it did last over the two weeks they said it would. 

    Also, once I started my period again, I had that at the beginning and end of each one for about a day. I think things were still just cleaning themselves out. 
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  • Sounds like lochia to me (I have similar color/ consistency). It was the same when I had DD.

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  • That must be what it is. I didn't realize I would still have that. Thanks!
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