Special Needs

Anonymous Support Groups?

Has anyone heard of special needs support groups that share the same kind of anonymity principles as AA or NA?

I think joining a group would really be helpful to me, but I can't take the chance that what I discuss there becomes public knowledge.  M's diagnosis has awful stigma attached to it, and we prefer to keep the boys' medical information private for them.  Add in our legal battle with the school over M, and I really can't afford to discuss these issues with others in our community.  But that doesn't mean that I don't think it would be extremely helpful to me to have the support of other parents who get it.

We already do family therapy, but that's mostly geared towards the kids' needs.  Sure I could set up a few extra sessions just for me, but I am really looking for support/commiseration/conversations with others who are living similar lives.  I don't think therapy is going to do that for me, and while this board is great, I think I would benefit more from in-person friendships.

Any ideas?  I'm so afraid to trust anyone with our story, but I feel like I'm swimming upstream all by myself (with my husband, but there's only so much we can have the same conversations about this stuff among ourselves).
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